Saturday, January 9, 2010


Hudsie is a happy baby.
All smiles.
All the time.
Well, most of the time.
The simplest things make him happy:

a book read
a cuddle from grandma
time spent stacking blocks
a kiss from Aunt Shan..




as for me?
here's what tickles my fancy:

finding a lost tube of chapstick
getting a call from Clayton
finding a good pair of jeans
driving over Chesapeake Bay
3 special Air Force Wives
finding children's boutiques in VA
living by the beach (a dream!)
a high basal body temperature
mornings with Hoda & Kathie Lee
our new church &
our new pastor
really soft blankets
getting freebies in the mail
being the 1st to comment on MckMama's blog
Dr. Pepper...
pleasing my husband with a homecooked meal
holding my dog like a little baby
getting a military discount


and these things make Mark happy..

back scrataches from Shan
laying in Shan's lap
hanging out with friends
taking a shower
getting my hair cut
nacho bake
Piper laying on my chest in he morning & staring at me
coming home early on Fridays
my hair-free chest
chocolate milk


what makes you happy?!


  1. This is so cute!! Expect a link back SOON. Tonight, if sleep doesn't come. Otherwise, tomorrow.

    Too, too cute.

    You're just the best blogger ever, and that's true.