Saturday, April 3, 2010

Saturday, April 3, 2010:

What a long day. In a good way.

We went everywhere today. We started out at the Williamsburg outlet mall this morning, which is always fun. They have a Gap outlet and a Carters outlet - fun! Afterward, we drove around the city [one of the oldest cities in the US], and drove right through the College of William and Mary. It's the second oldest college in the United States and was founded by King William & Queen Mary. So, let me just say - it makes WKU look like gross. The buildings on this campus are incredibly beautiful. It all looks prettier than a picture.. I would never imagine that a campus could look so perfect! Every single building looks to be built with such care. *swoon* Also, it's beautifully flat. Which is the most important factor if you went to WKU and had to climb that wretched hill.

Then we drove right to Virginia Beach [pause. when I say "right to," it makes it seem like it's just a zip and a skip away. It isn't. It's like an hour from Williamsburg with a TON of traffic. Driving through the underwater tunnel is a GIGANTIC PAIN..] to go to the other Carters. Why, you ask? Well, take a guess as to who these shirts belong to:


I know three little boys that will look mighty cute, come June!

After getting the shirts, we shopped around a little, and then headed to Atlantic Ave. It was a warm day - perfect weather for a tank top and flip flops. But not for the beach. It was fuhhh-reeeezing at the beach. Take a look at this photo - you can't even tell where the sky and the ocean meet.

Yesterday, I found the cutest little bargain at a local consignment shop [where we will be buying the bulk of our children's clothing]: A brand new small gDiaper with 30 flushable inserts for only $11.42! In case you've never seen these cloth diapers, they're deliciously cute.

gDiapers are the only cloth diaper (that I know of) that allows you to use cloth or use disposable inserts.


See, it's all elastic-y in the legs, so it curves right to your baby's bottom. It's nearly impossible to get diaper rash with these little diapers, too! So each diaper has a liner, and you just stuff the insert (or cloth insert) in the liner.


See? You can see the liner on the outer edges with the disposable insert in the middle. The actual orange part rarely gets dirty [or so all the moms say!], so you wouldn't be washing the actual diaper to death or anything. Mostly just the inside parts. If that makes sense.


Isn't that just so cute? It makes you want to have a baby and run out and gDiaper your newborn, doesn't it?

After a full day of running around, I'm pooped. Tomorrow's Easter. I wish I were home. Tomorrow will be a fun-filled day of cleaning and preparing for the arrival of my family on Wednesday! Such fun - I can't wait for them to come! Mark insists on going to the 745am Easter service at church tomorrow. Our church gets 7,000+ people on Easter Sunday, so maybe it's best to get there early!

Annnnd that's a wrap!


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  2. ok - way cute!!!! thank you - thank you - thank you -
    they will look adorable (=

    bigger sis

  3. Carters has an OUTLET?! OMG! So jealous! I absolutely ADORE the GAP outlet in E-town. For us, anyway. Their baby/kiddo section stinks. Those shirts/onesie are so cute! For some reason, I saw the picture and was like, "Oh no! She forgot a big brother shirt!" Because, apparently, I'm convinced your sister is having her 4th child. Not her 3rd. Sheesh. (I'm sleep-deprived right now.)

    And yay for your gDiaper bargain find! I can't wait until our boy's bum is gDiaper-ed up! He's going to be soo cute!

  4. yeah! is there an actual Carters store around where you live? They only sell Carters at Target and Kohls & stuff in BG. I wish SO MUCH that they had a Carters in BG. It is SO CHEAP. And of course very cute and great quality. Our Gap Outlet baby/kids section stinks too. Like majorly. And the guys' section was terrible today too.. but the women have nearly the entire store (hehe, yay for us!).. So like I told you, I got 2 shirts at Gap that I can wear during pregnancy. So I can avoid actual maternity shirts for a lot longer. They're both really cute :) Yay!

  5. Nope, no Carters store here, just at Target & Kohls. Like BG. Lame.

  6. We have a Carter's outlet about and hour away. AWESOME! Also, just for info: bumgenius makes a diaper called the Flip that has a cloth insert option or a disposable insert option. Just putting it out there! Hope you guys had a blessed Easter!