Wednesday, April 21, 2010

my fun little day!

Today was a great day! Yesterday, I felt awful, but today was so much better! The morning sickness is totally hit-or-miss with me. So this morning, my twin, Amanda, and her sister picked me up, and we headed to the mall! What a fun time. We shopped all around, and I managed to escape with only buying one baby item -- and it was on sale! Gymboree just has the cutest clothes. I can't resist them!

After that, we lost the car. No, really! It was hilarious. Over here, we park in parking garages when we go to the mall. Isn't that crazy? We walked all around and finally realized that we were on the wrong side of the parking garage. Ha!

Then we zipped by one of our favorite baby boutiques, which is always fun. And I had the most delicious guacamole bacon burger at Red Robin. Yummo! They just get better and better every time. Our baby really loves any Mexican-ish food. Guacamole, salsa, tacos and burritos are among my favorite things right now. I can't get enough! My Air Force wife friend, Erin, says I am the "most Mexican eatingest thing" she's ever seen! That quote reminded me so much of something my mom would say -- I just had to include it. Bwhahahahahaha.

I feel like my uterus is growing lately. Weird, I know. But randomly, it feels like my uterus is stretching and cramping a little. And it's only for just a couple seconds, and then it disappears. No matter how much I read about round ligament pain, I still do not understand what it really is. Shrug. But the sides of my belly are really, really tight, and even Mark can feel a difference. It's very weird!

And on the note of Baby Burrito, here's a video of her (or his) heartbeat yesterday:

Ignore the number on the screen. I use lotion, which isn't as effective, so the actual BPM doesn't register very well. But we can always hear it beating loud and strong!

I had so much fun. It's hilarious how I've found these two twins in my life. One goes to my church and her sister-in-law lives right across the street. And I'm pretty sure no one else would get such a kick out of discussing strollers, cloth diapers, breast feeding, scrapbooking, etc. as much as the three of us! It's too fun! Hehe!


  1. What can I say? I speak the truth when I say it :-) I love you! You are so cute!

  2. Round ligaments are attached to your uterus, holding everything in place. So, when your baby is growing it is pulling on all of those ligaments and moving them around. (Definitely what you are experiencing with the sides of your belly being tight!) It can be anywhere from a cramping type of pain to a sharp OUCH kind of pain. When I was smaller, I noticed it a lot if I waited too long to go pee. Once I was bigger I had to be really careful when I sneezed because it HURT.

    Your belly is so adorable! Keep us updated once you start feeling those movements. Mine started out just once a day at first but quickly moved into feeling them all of the time. Its so awesome, I can't wait for you to experience it!

    Oh, one more thing, I have heard good things about FuzziBunz (plus they are really cute) but I have to admit cloth diapering is one crunchy mama thing that I did not do.