Friday, April 23, 2010


I might be a smidge biased, but isn't my Hudsie just adorable? Omg, excuse me while I kiss those chubby little feet! Hudson's favorite thing in life is to go outside. Just yesterday, he went to the door, put his jacket on, and laid on the rug to wait and go outside. Isn't that just adorable? He can get kind of.. demanding about it, but it's still so cute!

In other news, M & I aren't eating out for the next... long time from now. We have enough food to prepare 10 full suppers (I went through all my ingredients in the entire house). I have this new idea that I want to make some kind of chicken-rice-mushroom soup thing. That sounds really good to me.
Tomorrow, we're having soft chicken tacos and cheesy rice. Made by Chef Shannon. Walking into the kitchen only kinda makes me gag now. I'm getting much better.

I've decided that if I stock up on condensed soups and various canned products (beans, tomatoes, vegetables, etc.) then I can make some seriously healthy, cheap food! Now that we own a grill, and it's warm (finally!), we are big into grilling. But I'm still interested in casserole-type dishes. Those are my favorite!

I have a serious aversion to anything involving my crock pot. Don't ask - but nothing ever sounds good to me that involves a crock pot.

Anyway, I'm excited about one month of avoiding eating out. I know we tried this before, and we failed, but now we're serious. Plus, now that we have a grill, it's so much more fun and attainable! I just need to go to the store for a few ingredients - including pickles. Hamburger-sliced dill pickles are totally freakin good. I ate a whole jar in two days last week. Oops! Luckily, they are 0 calories. And nevermind the sodium. Sodium smodium.


Oh, and here's one more photo of my little one looking cuter than any button I've ever seen. Oh my gosh, I really want to slather him in kisses from his most favorite (and only) aunt Shannie!

Have a great weekend! :]


  1. OMG, what's cheesy rice?! It sounds delicious!

  2. my little H is sooooo cute!!!!!!
    good luck on producing a little one just as sweet (=

    big sis