Monday, March 29, 2010

please help us.

EDIT: One of you has given me a new name.

A name I'd never really thought of before.
Now I'm swooning over this name.
Like, big time. Even Mark likes it.
:D :D :D
Soo exciting. THANK you!!

Please help us name our baby boy

If we have a boy, that is.

Our girl's name is set, so we only need a boy name.

Mark is in love with a certain name,
but I'm kind of over it.
It's #24 on the Social Security list;
that's much too common for me.

So can you help us?
Give me lots of boy names.
They have to be pretty unique.
I really like biblical names.
No Aiden, Jackson, or Jacob, please!

Also, keep in mind that it has it "go" with our last name.
I love Fynn, but...
Fynn Cox = horrible.

My sister voted on Lincoln or Abner.

And, as you might know,
my 3 nephews' names end in -on.
So try to steer clear from names like Carson or something.

Are those too many rules?
A unique boy name that doesn't end in -on.

Pretty please with sugar on top,
help us name our little one!
(If our little one is a boy, that is!)

Thank you!!!!
Now, let 'em rip!


  1. Ok, here are some names that might be able to help you....
    Andrew, Benjamin, Caleb, Daniel, David, Ethan, Isaiah, Joshua, Levi( i really like Levi) Nathanael, (i love this name too, it's my baby cousin's name)Thomas,& Timothy..
    Thats the list of names i have for you. Let me know if you like them. I hope you do. I hope this has helped you. I used to pick out names all the time, but I don't know what happened. I guess since I'm stuck on the names I have, I can't focus on any other names. Here ya go! :)

  2. Here are some names that come to mind:

    Eli, Gabriel, Asher, Jeremiah, Malachi, Gideon, Isaac, Isaiah, Judah, Zachariah.

    All biblical, and all fairly unique. :) Good luck!

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  4. I really, really like Avery and Jack. I think Avery Cox sounds really cool, but that's just me!

    But, she's a girl, though, right? ; )

  5. I'm the wrong person to ask about boy names, for sure! Do you still have that email I sent you when we were re-choosing our little one's name? I can't remember what all we were contemplating, but they were all cute. :)

  6. Well.... I Like Teagan and Emerson ( I know that ends in -on but u can change the spelling) Derek likes Jona... Corbin, Easton( again change the spelling) that's all for now :)

  7. Hehe. You all are so cute. "His" current name is Gabriel Weston [named after our West Highland Terrier].

    I love Sylas, Ezra, Titus, Nolan, Caspian, Gideon, and I had more, but can't remember them :\

    I think Titus is so cute. Such a strong name.

  8. I love Gabriel. My mom almost used that name for me if I'd been a boy :)

  9. Well of course my top pick is Breckin, but I doubt you want to use the same name we are, lol! Some other names we tossed around were Sawyer, Isaac, & Titus. I also like Samson, Oliver, & Simon but that's my previous boss & his kids names so I didn't want to use those!


  10. When you said you were going to use a form of Piper's name, I thought you meant Pipes! Ha!Love, mom

  11. Okay so here is what I have...Gavin (that's my cousin's baby's name so I can't be using that one), Noah, Eli (another favorite), Micah, Isaiah, Owen (after your maiden name!), Asher (Hebrew!), Levi (friend I know is having a boy and that's the name they picked), I love the name Julian (but that's a -on-ish name), Sawyer, Finley (shortened to Finn!), Reese, Payton (I love for a girl, but again -on), and Jude. I think that's all for now.

    Oh and I love Gabriel, so if you pick that we will have the same name!! :) I decided my first son will be named Gabriel Ryan (Ryan after my bro)

  12. I LOVE the name Landon for a little boy. When Darren and I have kids our first boy will be named Landon Cole Fryer. :)

    Kristin Fryer

  13. And to stay clear of the -on rule... you could spell it Landyn or Landen ;)


  14. The name we chose and is still going to apply is Gabriel. tsk tsk tsk wife im disappointed in you :)

  15. Yeah! Sylas, Ezra & Titus were on our list! I vote for Sylas! That's what we were going to name our son until we remembered we knew someone whose son was named that. But I don't think you know them? Plus, you're in VA anyway. :) I adore that name!!! What if you had a little Sylas with dark, curly hair? How cute!

  16. I have a nephew named Gabriel, so I think it's a great name! I'm sure you'll pick something fabulous! =)

  17. Ive always really liked Wyatt or Canaan: unique enough, country enough, but still boy-ish and strong. We had a boy's name picked out [Ronan] but got a little girl and had a heck of a time with names for her!

  18. I'm sure whatever name you choose will be perfect for your Punkin!
    My preferences have always been really old names, like Jack and Henry, Quinn, and Vivienne, so my suggestions are no help.

  19. You probably already know this website, but I loved it when trying to come up with Gavin's name. If you like a certain kind of ending or a beginning, you can type that in and get a name listing. It gives you info on how common it is, its meaning, origin, and ALSO (the coolest part, IMO) gives similar names that sound like that one that you might be interested in.

  20. The river Jordon is one of the most famous bodies of water in the Bible...John the Baptist of course was baptized there. I vote Jordon.

  21. i vote Abner Winston Cox - sooooo cute!!!!!

    bigger sis

  22. ok you guys missed the mark when I said the baby's name is going to be Gabriel, end of discussion :)

  23. Unless it's a girl :) No daughter of mine will be named Gabriel ;)

  24. I like Gabriel for a boy; don't know how I'd feel about being named after a dog, though.

  25. what the heck is wrong with Weston as a middle name? It's a perfectly normal middle name.

  26. My Absolute favorite boys name is Levi. Levi Cox is okay, yeah?