Monday, March 15, 2010

first appointment

Today was my first appointment! Sadly, I have no photos of our little Pumpkin Seed, but Thursday is our first ultrasound! Hopefully our baby loves the camera, because we all know I'll be photographing our child like it's my job.

Initially, we went to the wrong building - but I did get to go back into Labor & Delivery (where my next appointments will be), and I got a teeny peek inside some of the L&D rooms! And I saw the ginormous birthing tubs! How exciting. They're huge and look really really nice. I can't wait.

So I met with my midwife. Actually, I'll be working with a team of 4 midwives (and also 4 doctors if anything goes wrong or I become high risk). She was super sweet and let me know a little bit about their practice. She let me know that I will be expected to intensely study pregnancy and child birth (no problem there..) and that they have a special course of study there. I'm also expected to have a superb diet with minimal processed foods and not too much fruit or sugar. I'm also expected to intake a lot of protein, which she said I will have to work at. I also have to take fish oil capsules and special Vitamin D capsules.

They took my blood today - 6 viles - and checked me for all sorts of things, including my Vitamin D level. Surprisingly, I didn't pass out or get sick! My doctor checked me out and said I was fine. I'm labeled as officially healthy, so I'm good to go on pregnancy and having a vaginal birth!

My midwives believe in low intervention practices, so I'm eager to see exactly how they handle things. I'm sure you already know that I have a passion for researching and learning about pregnancy and childbirth, so this is all really exciting to me.

Besides my u/s on Thursday, my next appointment is April 5th, which is my 12-week appointment.

To say that I'm excited about Thursday is a big understatement. I cannot wait to see our little one for the first time! Later, I'll do a 9 week update on how I'm feeling and how Punkin is gowing.


  1. It's so neat to see how different practices are! Even when my midwife was still where I'm going, she only requested I take prenatal vitamins and wrote me a prescription for folic acid. No extra vitamin D or fish oil for me! I can't wait to hear your experiences there! And I CANNOT WAIT until Thursday! Now I know how you feel when I was having appointments and u/s! :D

  2. LOL, I know.. I always felt like, "I hope you don't think I'm weird, but I CAN'T WAIT FOR YOUR ULTRASOUND!!!!" as if I'm like the aunt or sister or something. lol! I can't wait either. I just hope we see a happy, healthy, growing, kicking little baby! On Thursday, I should be 9w6d. So hopefully I'll get a good picture!

  3. Yeah, hopefully! My u/s wasn't until 12 weeks, so I have no clue how big your Pumpkin Seed is going to be!

  4. I don't know this from personal experience, but I heard that if you freeze the fish oil pills it's less likely you'll have a fishy aftertaste. Thought I'd pass the advice along. (I think I saw on formspring-or something-that you don't like fish.) =)