Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Shannon Cox, COME ON DOWN!

So every day, Mark and I sit on the couch at 11am and watch the Price is Right. It's one of our most favorite shows, and we get really into it. We always bid out loud and "play along" to see who would win. We LOVE it.

I've come to realize that I need to be on this show. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I am awesome at the Price is Right. I always know the prices, and I've memorized the tricks to winning every game.

I know that the price of a car never ends in a 5, 9, or 0. And I know that they never show anything less than $400, so bidding $150 is absurd. I know that when something is "obviously" more expensive than another thing, it's likely backwards, and the cheaper looking thing is probably more expensive.

We sit and watch the most absurd things: People bidding $100 for 3 pairs of Jimmy Choos; folks who believe that the price of the car is $17, 595 (yeah right!); someone bidding $150 for an entire perfume collection; the first bidder of the day bidding $1 (what kind of game strategy is that?); people who bid within $30 of another bidder.. and the list goes on.

I definitely know that if the words "private tour" or "personal shopper" are included in your trip to Hong Kong, that's gonna be a freakin expensive trip. And that your outdoor kitchen/grill combo is nearly $10,000, even though it doesn't seem like it. The third object in the "Yodeling Man Game" is always more expensive than you think. And weird, novelty items are always over $100, even though you'd never pay that much in the real world.

I would LOVE a shot at Plinko, Cover Up, Safe Cracker, Freeze Frame, Grocery Game, More or Less, Most Expensive, Shell Game, or Take Two.

Now all I need to do is design a creative t-shirt, get a group of people, head to LA, wait in line, and hope I get picked.


On a funny note, yesterday they showed a nice stroller, matching bassinet, and matching umbrella for the stroller. The price given was $1200, and the contestant had to guess if the actual price was MORE or LESS than $1200.

I was screaming MORE MORE MORE MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT'S AN ORBIT BABY STROLLER! MORE!!!!!!!

I'm sorry to say that he (and the entire audience) said less, and he lost the game. See, knowing baby stroller brands DOES come in handy! If that man had been obsessed with baby gear like me, he would have won the grand prize! Further proof that I need to be on this show....


  1. I do love that show!! :) I love Bob Barker though. :(

  2. I don't miss Bob.. especially because he had inappropriate relationships with the model girls, and a lot of them reported that he sexually harassed them. Yikes! I mean, I liked him when he was on the show, but I love Drew too! Drew is so funny :) And he sometimes makes sarcastic remarks.. I love it!

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  4. I used to always pretend I was on that show. Plinko is my favorite game of all time. That would definitely be the one I'd pick. And I'd make an obnoxious shirt and wear Drew glasses--though I would have loved to been on there with ol' Bob. Road trip to LA!

  5. I love Plinko! That one is my favorite!

    Just make a shirt that says "ACT LIKE WIVES" and put on the back something that correlates with the AF and your hubby.. Then get a bunch of AF wives to go with you and problem solved lol

  6. That happened today, Tara! A goofball got called down, so he was the first person to bid on the prize. He started out with $1 and I was like WHAT?!?! So of course another guy bid $2, and the $2 guy ended up winning! People just don't know how to play the game!

  7. This is hilarious. I hate that show! Personally. :)

  8. *gasp*

    I've never met anyone to hate PIR before!! :O Guessing prices of food and objects is SO FUN! To me, anyway :)

  9. My sister was so crazy about PIR that she planned her college class schedules around it.

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  11. Truthfully, I must say I am shocked that I've gotten so many comments on my PIR post. Who knew that you all were so talkative about game shows? WHO KNEW?!? :) :) :)