Saturday, March 13, 2010

new meaning & love.

We now
have a whole new meaning
to the term:


Piper Diaper


Yep. Little Miss Thang became a woman yesterday.
Can you believe it? 9 months & 1 week old.
A woman.


But isn't she just so cute in her little doggy diaper?
well, she sure didn't think so...



Tonight, Mark and I went on a date. We go on dates a lot and my mom says that we have "so much fun." She's right! We do have so much fun. All day every day. Tonight we tried a Japanese restaurant that got great reviews on It was nothing like Kyoto and everything like Japan.

The waitresses were sweet [yep, like 4 waitresses waited on us. All authentic little Japanese older ladies], and they even gave me training chopsticks. We both had delectable meals - mine was a plate of sizzling vegetables and chicken in a special sauce with a bowl of sticky rice on the side. It was delish! Mark got something with sweet potato noodles, some kind of cabbage, chicken, and rice.


So we sat there and talked. And I learned so much about my husband. Do you ever just sit and probe your husband to learn a little bit more about him? I do. I want to know everything there is to know about him. You see, I kind of have a thing for my man.

What could be more romantic than learning a little bit more about your husband!? I like to hear stories about his life before I made my grand entrance into his world. It's sweet, because he has many stories to tell. We also talk about what we think Pumpkin Seed will look like, what extra curricular activities they'll love, and whose personality they'll take after.

So romantic. Now we're going to watch a movie on our laptop in bed. Seriously, does life get any greater than this? I feel like we're so young and in love and innocent with no real responsibility. I love it and cherish it so much, because we won't have this forever. Soon(ish), we'll be taking care of a little fragile life, changing gDiapers and loving on our first born baby. And that will bring a host of new, exciting trials in life. I'm excited for those too.

But for now, we're going to enjoy just being us. I love being married to Mark.


  1. :) So sweet!

    And I have a total confession to make. I took one look at Piper and wondered if you had lost your mind. I thought you were trying your cloth diapers on her! HAHAHA! No worries, it was only a small lapse in judgement. :)

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  3. Piper is just too cute!! Keep that romance going! love, mom

  4. OMG! They make diapers with prints for doggies?! So funny and cute! Are you still planning on getting her fixed eventually?

    Also, Chris and I LOVE our date nights, too! :)

  5. Ohhh I don't know. We can't decide. I probably will fix her.. I just don't know! I should have already done it by now. I feel like a bad mommy, but I have to remember that God made animals this way, so it isn't like I'm being CRUEL to her. Spaying is just a thing of modern time. So this is only natural :) But we probably will spay her.

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