Wednesday, March 25, 2009

teeny update. okay, big one.

Well, here I am in San Antonio! It only took 15 and a half hours. Or so. With a McDonalds stop squeezed in the middle. Talk about some serious traffic in Austin, Texas! Woah!

Also - odd fact, but Hardees has a "sister chain" in the south called Carls Jr. Weird name, right? Right. It looks exactly like Hardees with the same star logo and everything. Christine contacted Hardees through Twitter and figured out that they were "related" ... very weird...

Anyhow, when we were 4 miles from San Antonio, M called! Unfortunately, it was a little fuzzy. Sometimes I couldn't hear anything. Poop. Thankfully, I will see him in 14 hours. I'm soooo excited. I just can't hide it. Hehe.

Honestly, I don't even know what he said. I *think* only 2 or 3 guys from his flight made Thunderbolt. From what I understand, each flight has about 55 guys. That means Prince M is pretty special. And pretty strong. And amazing...

Oh, and the good news is: my hotel provides a shuttle to the base! This means that I won't have to walk to the base alone on Sunday on the side of the road. That would be sketchy... and dangerous...

Parents and I are going out to eat now. Continue to pray for baby Stellan. He is constantly on my mind.


  1. YAAAAY!!! :) i'm SO excited for you.

  2. I can't stop thinking about baby Stellan. I hope his little heart turns around soon.

    YAY for arriving in San Antonio safely!

  3. Okay, I know I've already said this to you, but YAY!
    I hope your chicken flautas (?) are good! I'm glad you get to see M so soon! Wahoo!
    And yay for the shuttle!
    Okay, have a good evening with your parents & try to get some sleep tonight!
    :] love you!

  4. You are so cute!
    I can send you the html (or try!) through email or something, if you want! I can even schnazz it up for you. Colors? Pictures? You name it!
    Just let me know.:]