Tuesday, March 3, 2009

weight loss 101

Everyone in the world some people have asked me about weight loss. As you probably don't know, I lost 35 pounds for my wedding! ...over the course of 9 months. So I thought I'd share my little "secrets" with you. In case you want to lose weight, or something.

A) Begin with Weight Watchers. This isn't totally necessary. And don't bother with the meetings. Just Google it online and figure out how things work. WW really makes you become disciplined with eating healthy. When you're forced to stick to a certain number of points (calories, really) a day, it makes things much easier. There's no guessing, "I wonder how fattening this cupcake is..."

B) Give up cokes. Okay, okay. Give up cokes as much as you can. I really did give up cokes for a very long time. Then I started drinking some diet cokes. You would be surprised how much diet cokes are delicious after you give up regular cokes for a while. They taste just as good with a meal! If you simply hate diet cokes, then Coke Zero is a great alternative. Or, if you're hard-headed, just have a regular coke once in a while. Cokes are empty calories and end up adding many, many inches to your waist over the course of a year.

C) Want those M&M's? Want a slice of cake? Go for it! In moderation. And by that, I mean... only grab 5 M&M's. Take your fork and slice just enough for that fork. It really gets the urge for sweets out of your system. I literally eat M&M's daily. I just grab a few as I walk by, and it's totally satisfying.

D) So, you're craving a sandwich. Maybe even a Subway sandwich. Now you're feeling healthy! Then you say, "add the mayo, please!" Stop right there!! To skip out on a ton of calories, get rid of mayonnaise! It's awful for you. Instead, try mustard. Or, if you like spicy things like I do, add jalapenos and/or buffalo sauce instead! It really adds flavor to anything you eat. Jalapenos are also supposed to aid in weight loss. I eat them daily, pretty much. They're so full of flavor and absolutely delicious.

E) Now I know that everyone doesn't agree with me, but here goes: frozen meals. Healthy Choice is my personal favorite. HC has the lowest calorie food with the lowest sodium. I think they're pretty tasty! If you need a quick and healthy meal, just buy the darn frozen stuff! It saves time and calories in the long run.



Note: This program does not involve exercise. Because I hate exercising. It's more of a life change on how you eat.


  1. Wahoo! 3 columns!
    And thanks for sharing this! I've always wondered how to curve the sweets craving. I have a horribly large sweet tooth, and M&M's every day sounds delicious to me! (Even just a few!) I may have to go buy a bag now.:]

  2. Hehe. Currently we only have chocolate eggs in the house... so I've been eating 1 of those a day :\ and the 3 column thing took me forever to do because I had to redo my other 2 columns.. if that makes sense...

  3. Wow girl! 35 pounds is awesome :) I've been trying for awhile to lose weight and it's just not happening. Ugh. Puerto's is my weakness and always seems to cancel out the SlimFast bar I eat for lunch haha.

  4. Mmmm... Puertos!! I hate to say this, but falling in love = weight gain. It's unstoppable. Once you are FINALLY happy, the weight just starts piling on!! Since my husband isn't actually HERE, I haven't gained any married weight. Ha. there's one benefit.. :[