Saturday, March 7, 2009

just a little something.

While looking around at United Furniture today, I spied with my little eye something brown. With slate. Something I just had to have.

So I bought it.

Our new table and chairs. It's very cool. I love slate. It's totally in. Whatever that really means. I really love the chairs. The bottom of it has lots of beautiful iron work. Slate never stains, so you can pretty much sit whatever you want on it. Much much better than wood.

Sorry the picture is terrible. I took it with my cell phone. It takes such high quality pictures that it insists on re-sizing the picture to send it in a message.

Oh, and no - I didn't buy the birdcage in the middle of the table.

It will sadly sit in storage for a few months all by itself. Darn that military. I am so ready to get all of our gifts out of the boxes and decorate our house!


  1. PM will be so excited to see it! you should mail him a picture. though i'm sure he would prefer a picture of his wifey :)

  2. ha no kiddin!! he keeps asking for pics - i don't take ANY pics of myself!! except the rare myspace pic where you stick your arm out and smile :\ ew. i will just show him a pic of this on my cell phone in TWO WEEKS AT GRADUATION. WHAT!?! OH BABY. THAT'S RIGHT!