Thursday, March 5, 2009


It's Thursday! And you know what that means...

... letters from hubby! Oh boy!

Some "knuckleheads" screwed up inspections and caused the flight to lose privileges to read and write letters. Apparently there are some really immature people in his flight. Or so Prince M says. He had a lot of fun in the gas chamber!

"We put our gas mask on and walk in. They turn the tear gas on, and we do 10 jumping jacks. Then we shake our heads left, right, up, and down to ensure the mark is on correctly (mine was). Then we un-attach our coat to take the hood off and show our head and the neck under the mask. It burns badly when you sweat, because it reacts to the tear gas. Then we had to step in front of the T.I., take the mask off, and give a reporting statement: "Sir.. ugh..Trainee C.. Reports as ordered." When we sa it right, like I did, we spread our arms and lean forward. That way, snot and tears fall straight down. None of that happened to me. I coughed 6 times and walked off like nothing happened. I had dry coughs days before, so the gas wasn't effective on me. That was a good time."

They beat their "cousin flight" on the Confidence Course. He thought that was a blast! I would surely die if it were me!

He is pretty bumed that he's stuck in the band flight. He doesn't get to march like the other flights since he'll be standing and playing the bass drum. Ugh. He did see a graduation, so now he's psyched for his in a few weeks! On his latest physical test, he ran 1.5 miles in 10 minutes & 20 seconds, with 48 pushups, 52 situps, and 6 pullups. He's still trying to get Warhawk.

He's very hungry and misses me terribly. He walks around saying, "I want my wife!" Hehe. How sweet. He talked about open ranks inspection, but this was written on 2-27. I assume they did well since they got base liberty on Sunday.

That's all! :] Woohoo!


  1. Oh my gosh, YES!! Thank you so much for telling me about her blog.:]
    Wouldn't it be fun to go on the MckCruise?! ;]
    PS Chris read your post with me today & chuckled. He's glad that Mark is doing well! :]

  2. HA!! MckCruise!! yes!! I feel like such a weirdo talking to my family about it... like "I'm DYING to go on a cruise.. to meet this woman.. online.. and see her kids.. ahem :\" LOL. People only understand if they read her blog and see her awesomeness!! :D and I'm glad Mark's doing well too! I only got 2 letters though because of those darn people who keep getting the flight in trouble :[ they ban them from writing. grrr.

    ps. I feel terrible. I think I'm getting the puke virus.