Friday, March 20, 2009

happy - then mad.

I am now only 5 days away. I can no longer make a multiplication problem out of the remaining days. For example, if I had 9 days left - I would say, "Wow, that's only 3x3..." Ahem. I hate math, but multiplication makes a countdown seem shorter, I swear.

Today mom and I ran around town doing lots of stuff. We stopped at our most favorite store, Target. Boy, this store has it all. Including military-themed Easter baskets. I am a sucker for anything military-esque. Also, I know that M loves candy and loves an Easter basket. Like the good wifey I am, I just had to buy one and fill it up with goodies!

The basket doesn't even look like it's Eastery, which is why I like it. We can use it in our new home! If we ever get a home, that is. Sigh. Anyhow, I filled it up with cheapo yellow grass, Reeses peanut butter eggs, Hershey minatures, Dove bunnies, M&M's in a carrot shaped bag, and a waterproof watch.

Shh, it's a surprise. Don't tell!

Ha. Funny. As if any of you could contact him ;]


Watch your back if you go to Chuckee Cheese

Seriously. Tonight I almost went balistic on a child. That has never happened before. But when a bratty little kid places a hand, [or claws in this case], on my nephew, I will get mad.

So there we were. At Chuckee Cheeses. It was a mad house. Kids everywhere. Pizza flying through the air. Kids waving their hands like they just don't care.

Parents no where.

Our pizza had just arrivd and we were passing out plates. Baby H is sitting in his stroller right next to me. Suddenly I hear a scream. Then a cry. Then a wail. Then tears fall. I look over to see this little booger of a kid staring at me.

Then he ran off.

At this point, I'm mad. I look over and his grandpa is staring at me like nobody's business. Hello? Your grandson just pinched my nephew on purpose. Come to find out from my dad, the little boy pinched my nephew in the stomach so fast that he couldn't say anything. He literally ran over, pinched, and ran away. Even if I had seen him come up, the pinching would have happened before I could have stopped it. Argh.

So I calmed the unhappy baby down, and all was well.

Then I had time to process. Okay: a kid plotted to sneak up on my poor, nearly-8-month-old nephew, pinch him, and ran off. Like a little stinker. He was all of 2 years old. Really, I have never in my life seen that kind of behavior. He was with FOUR adults tonight. None of the women had a clue where he was. But the grandpa did. He saw it all go down. And he ignored it. I should have gone to the management. Excuse me, but you cannot just let your child run wild and hurt babies. If nothing else, PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR KID, MOTHER OF THE HELLION!. He's TWO.

I know, it really seems like I wasn't paying attention to my nephew. But I was. He came up from behind me, so I didn't see him coming. He snuck up so fast... sheesh... I feel horrible about the whole incident. All I have to say is:

That kid needs a spankin'

So if you ever take your child, a friend, or a loved one to Chuckee Cheese, watch your back. Because a stinkin little toddler will sneak up on you and pinch your baby. Then get away murder.


  1. you should have ran down and tackled that little punk. i totally would have covered for you.

    "she tripped, ma'am. really, she did. your [stupid] kid just happened to break her fall" ahem.

  2. oh, and cuuuuute basket. PM will love it! But in all honesty, I doubt he will be concerned about the basket (considering who will be holding it, the basket will look somewhat dull) i'm sorry to break it to you, but you are one pretty lady.

  3. HAAAA. I hate to break it to you, but he's STARVING!! He mentions food in every single letter. This time he said "I really want to fine dine, but I will need a LOT of food, so that will be out of the question."

    Fine dine? He never talks like that. lol.

  4. OH poor baby! I would be kicking somebody's BUTT! We would bail you out of jail ;)

  5. LOL I never knew I had so many brave friends who would beat people up for me. I have literally had about 6 people vouch that they would punch a few people for me.. hilarious.

  6. that kid needs a good dose of "what it feels like"!! You should have run up behind him, pinched him so hard he cried and said "that's what it feels like"!!! Grandpa didn't say anything the first time, odds are you'd be safe!! :D and love the basket!! very cute :)

  7. That is horrible! I hope little H is okay, and I agree with your statement about the child needing to be spanked. It boggles my mind that an adult can see something like that about to happen and do NOTHING about it. What is it with ADULTS these days that there seems to be no boundaries set for some children? I don't get it.

  8. I don't know.. but his grandpa kept staring at me. I'm too big of a baby to say anything. but i KNOW he saw the whole thing go down. later, we were all trying to spot that mean little kid, and C goes, "THERE'S that mean kid!!!!!!" hahaha. he is REALLY protective of H. It's really cute.

  9. Ohhh...what a nice watch!:]
    And wow, that's a horrific story. How awful.:/