Thursday, March 26, 2009

Things I love Thursdays

This Thursday is a very special Thursday. The most special Thursday since I created this blog.

Because it is the first Thursday I have spent with my husband. Today, I choose to love my husband.

Today was Day 1 of Graduation Weekend. The events included the Airman's Run and the Coin Ceremony. What we weren't prepared for was a TON of rain, a TON of lightning, and a TON of waiting around. Yep. Even though we watched the forecast diligently for two weeks straight, and rain was no where in the forecast, it still rained cats and dogs. Oh, by the way - it was freezing. No sun. Plenty of clouds. Goosebumps everywhere. Ick. So anyway, on with the show...

We got to the briefing 45 minutes early - and there was still a huge line of overachievers. I thought I was bad. Apparently not. Anyhow, the briefing was kind of sad. I mean, inspirationally sad. Then we rushed outside and lined up on the side of the road. We waited. And waited. Then the airman began to peek over the top of the hill. [M is the 8th guy back!!!] oh, and you can click on these pictures to enlarge them!!

When I finally saw him, my jaw literally dropped! He changed so much - entering at 186lbs and leaving at 166... dang! My first statement was, "Oh my gosh!! He's SO HOTT!" Ha. and I never use that word... then they ran by later and I jumped up and waved my hands, and he saw me! He smiled so big [he could have gotten in huge trouble for that...] but it was so cute!

We then went back to the Reception Area, where I stood in line for 45 minutes for two shirts and a bumper sticker. My parents and I had pizza and waited... and waited... and waited... Meanwhile, it was raining a flood! The eventually announced that the Coin Ceremony would not be held outside. Rather, they would bus each flight separately to their airman's squadron. Sooo we waited some more until they called our squadron number, and we loaded the bus! We arrived, and there were no seats. As usual. Also, we were under a big concrete canopy, so my pictures are horrible. I had my flash on, but ... yes... I'm very disappointed in them. Tomorrow's pictures will be much better, I promise! They quoted their Airman's Creed, sang us the Air Force song [so sweet!], and got their coins. Oh - the coin just symbolizes their transition from trainee to airman. Afterward, we were allowed to run and find our airman! It was so sweet. I actually walked up to him instead of running. He was staring straight ahead, but he knew I was coming. I went up to him and had the best hug of my life! Then we briefly kissed. My parents didn't get any of the pictures, because they cannot work my Canon Rebel. Very sad. Here are some pictures of the Coin Ceremony:

After we were alone with PM, we went back to the Reception Center to buy our tickets for the Spurs basketball game tomorrow night. Then we went to the BX and shopped around. Sadly, they didn't have any Macs. We sat in the food court alone for a while and talked. It was hard not to touch each other. Not even a hand on the back. Nothing. At one point, his pinky brushed my knee, but he quickly moved it. Talk about self control! We then headed to the Gateway Club and had a buffet lunch. I didn't like it. Plus I was too excited to eat. M inhaled his food... hehe. We sat there and chatted for a while - then we decided to go bowling! I am horrible at bowling, so I'll spare you the details. [hahahahaha] ...

After bowling, we went to the Mini Mall to continue my search for a "My Uncle is in the Air Force" t-shirt. There were plenty of "My Aunt is in the Air Force" shirts, but no uncle! Also, there are no wife/husband shirts. There are sister, brother, son, grandson, etc... everything you could imagine! How annoying. Anyhow.

We sat in the car for 45 minutes while he ate about 20 oreos and over a pint of milk. We can hold hands in the car, so we like to sit in there! He has changed so much. He was chivalrous before, but now he's on a whole different level! He truly is Prince M now. He literally rushed over at one point to open my car door for me. Also, he has introduced ma'am and sir into his vocabulary.

The worst and hardest part is definitely not being able to touch each other. We always hold hands in public. My little hand just reaches for his, and then I remember... He is so confident and strong now. His posture is completely different, and he talks soooo proper. I love the change. I love my husband!! This weekend has been AMAZING so far!

What's in store for tomorrow? Why, graduation, of course! Then special time with M, followed by a fancy schmancy dinner. Then junk food and a basketball game. Yeehaw!

how things should be ...


  1. Clayton says, "I love you Shannie. I want to see you in the military." You are my best friend (-:
    The last picture of you and Mark smiling, is the same Mark that we know.
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Talk to you soon.

  2. the "you are my best friend" part - is that you or Clayton speaking? I would THINK Clayton since we are obviously bff's... but that part isn't in quotes. ahem. and ME in the military!? I don't think so...

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new pictures!! They are sooo good! You both look so happy, I'm so glad it is all going well. I'm sorry the weather is acting up, but I know it won't rain on your parade!! Ok ok, bad joke, I know. I couldn't resist! :)

    Okay, okay. But that does not even touch my excitement for you & M! I'm really glad you got to update! (I'm assuming he still has curfew right now?) Anywho!
    I can't believe he's lost so much weight! Chris & I can't believe how different he looks! Aw, you have yourself an AF husband! How incredibly cute! Oh, Chris also said, "Man, just looking at him makes me want to join. Just look at the benefits!" Ha. I don't know if he was serious, though.;]
    I hope the entire rest of the time you spend with him is incredible! And I say to spend as much time in the car as possible!;]
    Oh gosh, I'm so excited!
    Love you!

  5. WOW what a AWESOME blog post to read/write after so many days of waiting huh!?! I am so happy for you!! That is pretty crazy that you can't touch each other unless you are in the car, why is this? I don't know if I would be able to contain myself!! HAHA I hope you have another G-R-E-A-T day tomorrow!!!! :)

  6. :D Woohoo!! Thanks, guys!

    Some of you - okay, just Christine - have asked me why we can't touch in public. He has to remain professional while he's in uniform. There are training instructors EVERYWHERE. If he is caught holding my hand, he will go back to week 0... and do basic allllll over again. We can't touch at ALL. It's horrible. We find sneaky ways though. I'll stand close so my arm can touch his. Then, like while bowling, we will walk past each other so we touch. It's very romantic :] We did kiss in the car though once. ONCE. Imagine the torture!

  7. I'm a million percent positive that there are not words enough for me to express how excited I am for you. Really. And thats really stinky that you can't touch when he's in uniform. Is that forever? Like, the whole time forever? Or just until he graduates, or what? Man, he's hardcore. I seriously didn't recognize him. That's so precious that he opened the door for you and he really is Prince M now. (As if he weren't before) Oh, I'm so excited for you. Love you so much. Hope youre having a blast. But I know you are. look gorgeous.

  8. I have been reading all your emails to my wife (hope you didn't mind!) and blog postings, eager to hear a word about our man! I am so very proud, almost like a father for his son, grinning from ear to ear. I agree that the visible change of M is astonishing, he looks great. Remind him that I can still put him over in an arm wrestle. I have been praying for M and for you this whole time and will continue, as he gets assigned to a base and so on. Once that happens, we are certainly visit, unless it's foreign, then we'll just stow away in the belly of a ship or I'll join and be a Chaplain. Lots of love for you and hubby, miss you both! God bless you and keep you. For His glory and honour and Name!

  9. So I heard you were in a Target the size of Montana? You have Montana on the mind, are you thinking about moving there? Ha ha just kidding. Love.

  10. oh my gosh, Chris!! you read our blogs?!?! Hahaha... that's fine!! :D I will definitely tell him what you said!! I haven't seen his muscles yet. Haha.. You should definitely be a Chaplain!! How fun!!!! And thanks for your prayers. I can't believe we made it!

    oh - and to the rest of you - I'm not sure about PDA for the rest of our lives. As a general rule, they aren't supposed to be physical in uniform. It's just not proper. But I'm sure he could hold my hand or whatever after all of this is done. :] If he had a child, he could hold and kiss his baby all he wanted to. They ENCOURAGE that, but no touching the wife!!! so very weird...

  11. oops. i meant to say read our EMAILS.. not blogs.. I've got blogging on the brain..

  12. After all the waiting you're finally together again!! I am so happy for you both- Shannon, you are postively glowing in your pictures!!! I love it!! You look so beautiful and he so handsome... The perfect couple!! Enjoy your time and your days together- Jeff and I head to Boston tomorrow a.m. so I'll be out of touch until sunday when you'll be on your way home...We'll catch up next week!! SOOOO happy for you- enjoy everyminute! love you!!

  13. hats? I have no clue!! but I intend on wearing his little hat tomorrow in the hotel room. LOL. I have an obsession with taking his clothes... I've already claimed his flight t-shirt! :D He's giving it to me tomorrow! Well, back to the topic.. I will ask him tomorrow about his hat! He sticks his fingers on his forehead to make it perfect.. it's cute.

  14. Such a nice post Shannon! It must have been the best feeling to see your sweet husband again. Have fun at the Spurs game and get some good pictures of Tim Duncan!

  15. Great blog post today! I'm so happy for the two of you. I have been reading all your blogs and I know you had been waiting a LONG time for this day. On a side note, I LOVE your new header for your blog page!

  16. thanks!! It doesn't fit :] I'm going to have to make a new one when I get back to BG. My laptop is slowly dying, and it can't handle much. Ha.

  17. Your blog was absolutely beautiful. I am so glad that you are finally getting to see him again. See the two of you together touches my heart.