Thursday, March 12, 2009

Things I love Thursdays (part II)

Whoops! I can't believe I forgot to mention my most favorite thing of all:

Being an AUNT!


and now - a [true] short story from the eyes of baby H:

"Hey cool! Look at all these antique Beanie Babies! Can't wait to get my mouth on those!"

C: "Here, Baby H - you can have this imitation Beanie Babie because you will eat the real ones."

"Grrr I don't want this stupid orange smiley face with leaves around its head!"

"Now if I could just get this one..."

*Meanwhile, big brother dumps all the Beanie Babies out to protect baby H from swallowing a small one*

"What?! All the Beanie Babies are gone!! Now I'm stuck with this empty bucket! Rats!"
-The life of a 7 month old! It's the pits!-


[[now go look at my previous post, which includes a comment from the author of Start Your Family. Boy, my life could just not get any cooler. Unless I was in Wisconsin. Then it just might. Haha, get it? cooler... ahem.]]


  1. hahaha. i seriously laughed out loud at your "cooler" joke. you so funny.

  2. thanks ;] I try... I mean.. i DON'T try to be funny. It just naturally happens. Ha.

  3. Man, how old do you guys feel that Beanie Babies are becomming antiques?? I LOVED my Beanies, now if only their value would increase again and I could sell them!
    Shannon, your nephews are just SO cute, I can't get enough of their photos!

  4. :D That's good news, because I can't get enough of TAKING their photos!