Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Things I love Thursdays

I made this up. I like to share things that I love with people! So, Things I love Thursdays is now born.

First things first. Food. My favorite topic. Lately I've had this little humongous obsession with Laughing Cow Cheese. This directly relates to my weight loss post from the other day - it's extremely lowfat!
It comes in these adorable little wedges, and they're only 35 calories a wedge! And I haven't mentioned how delicious the cheese is! It goes great with crackers. Look for it in the cheese section at your local grocery store. And no, I'm not getting paid for this advertisement... I'm all non-profit ;]

Up next - I love Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar.

Now stop looking at me like I'm a freak! Seriously. Stop it. They are amazing parents! To all 18 of their kiddos. While I might not agree with their choice of hairstyles, I do agree with their choices with parenting. They shield their children from things that will really hurt them. Like violent movies, for instance. Now don't you wish your parents had shielded you from some of the crap you saw/heard when you were a child? ...that's what I thought. I just really think that these two have their priorities in the right places, in my opinion. Someday I hope I can be like Jim Bob and Michelle.

But with less kids.

And shorter hair.
And pants.

Up next: Fireproof - the movie!

Mark and I watched this on our honeymoon. For $9. On a cruise ship. What, did you think we were out enjoying the sun or gazing at the ocean?! Think again! We were inside watching Fireproof! Let me just say that I agree 100% with Jim Bob Duggar when I say this was one of the best movies I have ever seen! First of all, Kirk Cameron is amazing. Last night, while watching 18 Kids and Counting, they met Kirk Cameron at a Christian movie conference. Turns out that he has 6 kids of his own! Also, that last scene where him and his "wife" are kissing? That really is his wife. They did a silhouette shot and brought his real wife in as a double - dressed her up as the character and kissed all they want! He said he would never kiss another woman besides his wife. That is very cool. This movie is just... well.. great. Go rent it. Now.

Finally, I love Linzie's Exceptional Sandwiches!!!

I really cannot express my love for this little restaurant. Located next to Fazoli's, this restaurant is sooo mmmm. Mmmm is really the only word for this place. For only $4.75 you can get a whole sandwich OR a half sandwich with soup OR a half sandwich with salad. $4.75?! That's nothing! It's on a whole nother plane than Subway. My personal favorites are buffalo chicken, chicken cheese steak, and cajun turkey. All with tons of veggies, no cheese, and lots of buffalo sauce! Also, the owner always gives me free cookies. He just really loves me. Or feels sorry for me because I'm an Air Force Wife. Ha. Their cookies are made-to-order. So they come out warm, gooey, and mmmmm. I ate there today. Eating there again on Friday. I just can't get enough of it.

What are your favorite things!?

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  1. I have been wanting to try that Laughing Cow cheese for some time, now!
    And yes, Linzie's is mmm! I couldn't agree with you more!