Thursday, March 12, 2009

I love how... [[update on PM]]

I love how my husband makes little smiley faces in his O's when he writes "Good morning, my love."

I love how he signs his complete name after the end of each letter, totally professional :]

I love how he now calls me wifey - probably because I sign my name as wifey when I write him letters.

I love how, while PM was practicing CPR, he pictured saving my life and nearly cried while doing so.

I love how PM bought adorable Air Force stationary to write on, and he is so proud of it! A man after my own heart. I love cool stationary...

I love how I have nearly convinced PM to get a tattoo on his hip like I want. Mwhahaha. & this is what I want:


Yes, today is Thursday, which means: Maiiilll's Here!
Here's the mail, it never fails, it makes me want to wag my tail! When it comes, I want to wail: MAAAILLLLL!!!

As usual, I will give a brief update on how my hero is holding up!

He got to do a pugil stick fight & won. Here's a picture. If you watched Saved by the Bell, you're familiar with this. I will always remember Zack and Slater fighting during one memorable episode...

He took his individual & flight pictures & he smiled in his individual one just for me! I'm very excited. He knows how I love a smile!

Like I said before, he learned CPR and learned how to use an "AED," although he has no idea what the acronym stands for. Ha.

Earlier this week, he had to wake up at 3:45am to prepare for the 8th weekers graduation parade, so he knows exactly where I should sit during the ceremony to see him. I will definitely have to bring this letter with me, because it is very detailed, and I have no idea what he's talking about! It will surely make more since once I'm there and can see the buildings & everything. Hopefully.

He's absolutely dying for a laptop for tech school so he can talk to me. He hasn't gotten the memo that the USAF might move me to be near him. I will find out if I will be allowed to accompany him to tech school at BMT graduation (2 weeks away!). I'm very very excited to find out!

As far as Thunderbolt (physical award) goes, he is 8 pushups shy and 8 situps shy & 50 seconds off on his running time. We are praying for Thunderbolt so he can get a town pass on Sunday!

Also, He thinks I'm the most devoted wife ever. Which I am! :]

That's all, pretty much. Sorry. I can't write about one of the letters...


  1. haha. you are so cute. apologizing for not writing about one letter. oh you. aaaaand. that's the most precious thing ever that he pictured saving your life. really. you guys win cutest couple ever award.

  2. One of them was too steamy for this family-friendly blog. Mwhahaha. Thanks! Now I won't be worried if I stop breathing around PM. He'll know JUST what to do!! :]

  3. haha. you so crazy.

  4. YAY Shannon! I'm so glad you got lots of good letters today! Less than two weeks!!

  5. So I am DYING to redo my blog layout :\ I'm waiting until I have pics of me and Mark in his uniform to make a new header. Hehe. I'm soo addicted.. I can't wait to redo my blog! :D

  6. haha. well i am addicted too. to reading yours, reading paige's, and writing my own. lol.

  7. now who else can we pull to the dark side of blogging? :]]

  8. believe me. i'm trying hard on my friends. meh.