Sunday, March 1, 2009

Total dorks in love.

So now I would like to share with you proof of what total dorks we are. This was taken in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands. I may look happy. See that little fake grin? Yeah, I'm sure that looks convincing. But don't be mislead. I was barely making it.

I'm a really good swimmer. Seriously. I promise. But something happens when you throw me out in the ocean, make me hold a disposable camera (M had one too!) and tell me to put my mask on while looping it through my pony tail. That something is called: I nearly drown.

So Prince M and the Captain try to help me get situated. Then I swim off - struggling, nevertheless - because I scraped my pinkey toe earlier and my flippers are rubbing against my scratch. So then I stick my head under the water, breathe in, and nearly die. No exaggeration. What in the world? Inhaling while under water is just a bad idea. I pretty much had an anxiety attack in the middle of the ocean. So I screamed -

Prince M! Prince M! PRINCE M!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP!

Then I hung on to his neck for about 5 minutes while I recuperated.


It makes me sick to even think about that awful memory! I did get better at snorkeling. I would go through periods of successfully following fishies and sticking my head clear under the water. Then another panic attack. Then more snorkeling.

What is my deal? ... Honestly. In the end, I decided to forget the mouthpiece dealio and just use the facemask. It was so much easier!

See!? No snorkel. Happy camper.

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  1. You crack me up!!! I want to read a chapter book by you, because I felt your panic as you inhaled underwater... it scared me too!! I say we don't do that again and next time we lay on the warm sand sipping our fruity non alcoholic drinks...