Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I know that all of you are just so curious about The Secret Life of the American Blogger. Also known as me. Here you go. Seven little facts about my life.

1) I've had stitches under my chin four times
-I fell off a toy fire truck in preschool
-My lovely sister hit me in the chin with a bat
-Tripped on my untied shoelaces in the church parking lot
-Fell off bleacher at a softball game when I was a toddler

Lovely, hmm? I kind of have a scar.

2) When I was 5, I saw a movie about a mean man who would date girls & drag them in his back yard to bury them alive. It scared me to death. So frightening, in fact, that I still have a fear of a man in my room. On occasion, I will still check under my bed and in my closet for hiding men.

3) M and I bought our first hamster over a year ago. We named "her" Coco. She was absolutely crazy. She never did like us. Then, on Valentines Day of 2008 (and on a whim), we went to Fishy Business and I found a black hamster that I just had to have. So we bought him - and we named him Buster. We was much nicer, and he never bit us! Later that year, we kind of "slacked off" in regards to taking care of Buster. When we came back from our honeymoon to the Caribbean, we found Buster dead in the bathroom trashcan. It is still a mystery to us as to how Buster got into the trash can. M thought Buster was a black sock in the bottom of a trash can. No no no... it was Buster - dead, cold, and fuzzy. M threw him away.

4) I never wanted to be a teacher. It was literally the absolute last job that I ever wanted. I got through every single pre-requisite for nursing (which is a LOT of classes - 5 semesters!). I took science classes galore (and even cut the heart out of a live rat!) and realized that I did not have a passion for nursing. Simultaneously, I was hearing lots and lots of stories from my sister PLUS I was having some "family issues" regarding developmental delays. Needless to say, I tripped right into Special Education. And they took hold of me & there was no getting away. But it's all good. Kids are worth investing your life into. There is nothing more rewarding than helping a child, which will impact the next generation and the generations to come. Besides - we, as special educators, are the advocates for all children. The kids no one like. The kids no one thinks could ever learn. The kids that people make fun of. So that, along with many other things, is one of my purposes in life.

5) I've never broken a bone, but I have fractured a bone in my foot. A Spiral Fracture, to be exact - one of the worst kind! No, no, no... I was not skateboarding, playing soccer, or rescuing a dying dog. I was... playing ping pong... ahem. I was in an intense match against Prince M. Trust me. Ping pong can be absolutely vicious. I dropped the ball, bent down really fast to pick it up, and twisted my foot. I screeched as soon as it happened, and all the "guys" laughed at me! They insisted that I would be fine. So I sat there while my foot started to swell beyond any recognition of an actual foot. I had to be carried all the way to M's car. Terrible. But it did get me a handicapped parking pass for school. I'm not going to call that a "bonus" ... but if you go to school where I do, you know how bad parking stinks!

6) I had a fro for the first 10 years of my life.

... and I hated naps. Now? Puh-lease give me time for a nap! As the saying goes - A day without a nap is crap! My life motto.

7) I am exactly one week away from leaving for San Antonio, Texas. How about that!?


  1. LOVE this post. That picture of you is so cute!!!! And I hated naps too, I stopped taking them before I was even a year old. I would kill for a nap some days now!!!

    1 more week!! 7 more days!!!

  2. ok. Number 2...I promise you with everything inside of me that I still check in my closet and under my bed EVERY NIGHT before I go to bed. Ask my room mate. Seriously. Creepy how much alike we are. Everyday I find something else about you that is exactly like me. lol. (Not to mention the traumatic hamster experience.)

  3. You're so cute & fun!
    I always check in the shower behind the curtain before I'll go to the bathroom.:]
    And wow, 7 days! Wahoo!

  4. i so remember that movie - it was kind of scary - that is hilarious.
    and yes, mom didn't know how to fix your fro and she would just put a headband on you and let you go - poor shannon

  5. see - i am posting comments - just under an anonymous alias (-:
    it's easier - you can change it to Lauren if you want