Sunday, March 15, 2009

Not Me Monday!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

Jump on the bus, yall! It's time for Not Me Monday!!

I was on spring break this week. Hallelujah. It was a much needed break. Even though I spent 2 days at work, 1 day at the elementary school, and 1 day learning all about the Woodcock Johnson with my teacher. Oh, and then 1 day of playing in the snow!

This week, I got to spend extra time with my nephews - which pretty much equals bad news bears. My dad just happened to make pancakes for everyone this week! What a treat! So, when baby H was in his Bumbo seat in the kitchen floor, I did not get a sudden urge to let him have a little treat. I did not sit down next to him, break off part of a pancake, and stick it in his mouth. Then, to help it go down a little easier, I did not dip my fork in syrup and let him suck it off. Multiple times. He's only 7 months old, for crying out loud!! I would never do something like that! Nope, not me!

On Thursday, I was in the mood to take pictures - it's my favorite hobby! I did not stick baby H in the Kick 'n' Play chair unbuckled in order to photograph C slurping noodles from his soup. While I was staring through the lens of my Canon Rebel, I did not hear a huge thump & I did not look over to see Hudson sliding out of his seat and bang his soft little head on the hardwood floor. Now that would be really irresponsible. And, as we all know, I am the World's Best Aunt. Ever.

During the photoshoot on Thursday, I did not hear my mom scream, "Oh NO!!" from the kitchen. I did not high-tail it so fast to see what was wrong and then laugh hystarically to find out that little A dropped an entire glass of milk in the floor. I did not stick my camera up really fast in order to get a picture of the mess! [too lazy to upload it. i will admit that one]

On Thursday night, I had the privilege of going to Linzie's Exceptional Sandwiches with my bud, Ashley. We talked and talked for 3 hours while we munched on our sammiches & slurped our soup. I did not blush when she pointed out that my buttons did not come undone, leaving my chest completely exposed in the restaurant. I did not just laugh it off, button it up, and continue with the conversation.

This week I got some letters from PM! Woohoo! I was at work when the mail came, so I hurridly left & went home to read them. While I was on my way, I got behind a mail man. So naturally, I decided to pass him. As soon as I crossed the yellow line to pass him, he started going really fast to get to the next mail box, which was many feet away. I did not step on the gas in order to quickly get around him because I was coming up over a HILL, which is totally dangerous. I did not race the mail man, who probably thought it was funny that he was racing me!! Argh. I am a totally safe driver. Always.

Friday was a snow day. What a great day! I got to spend the entire morning and afternoon with C, my 4 year-old nephew. I was extremely exhausted, so I wanted to take a nap in his room! He wouldn't have it. I am just too much fun for him, and he didn't want to leave my side [totally understandable]. He brought his keyboard & microphone up on the bed to play with. I did not get totally inspired to sing my heart out & sing the entire Star Spangled Banner - complete with dynamics to beat! I did not sing some of the notes so high that it woke baby H up, who was napping in the next room. Again, that would make me a bad aunt, which I am not. I promise.

Apparently Thursday was not too good for me. Haha. Your turn! Join me & MckMama and tell the world what you have not done this week!

just had to throw a picture of C in there for ya..

Oh, and I just wanted to let the world know that C tells me I'm the "best of the rest"
true dat, kid. true dat.


  1. you're so good at these not me mondays. really. i can't compete. :)

  2. Here's a tip: every time you do something hideous, write it down on blogger. Just don't publish it until the right time. That way, you don't forget what happened during the week! :]

  3. oh, and please DO compete. I would LOVE to hear what you DON'T do during the week.

  4. haha. i guess we shall see.

  5. I LOVE that you raced the mail truck. Absolutely hilarious. And of course you aren't a bad aunt, it's your job to spoil them rotten! :)

  6. I absolutely love your Not Me Monday posts!!! I think I will have to posts some myself soon! Also your Things I Love Thursdays and Wordless Wednesdays...boy, I really sound like a thief and a cheat don't I?