Saturday, March 14, 2009

lucky pants

So today I was in Nashville with my bud. Checking email and facebook regularly, as usual. Then suddenly I get 1 new notification. Who could it be!? Why, Prince Mark, of course shockingly! Yes, he got base liberty after a gruesome simple 5 days of Warrior Week. He wrote me this [for those of you who aren't my fb friend]:

I love you very much baby girl and I cant wait to see you :::::::))))))))) im on base liberty and im going to call you soon after i get off the internet. i have to buy a new phone card as well :( bring my ipod and cord when you come to see me, ive written this in a letter im putting in the mail tomorrow. Im on base liberty if you havent noticed by now. Gosh you look so beautiful in the wedding picture.. I cant surf the web at amazing speeds here, the network is crammed to a 1 minute loading time from page to page :(. I get to pick up my flight and individual pictures monday :))) yippeee. the beast was easy IMO. nothing too exciting happened. blah right now its cold and it has been cold for the past 5 days..... hopefully that isnt a sign for things to come.... im going to look and post on other ppls walls right now. brb

ha. He never "came back," but he did call me over an hour later - the call lasted about 10 minute. and it had amazing reception. How cool! He gets his individual & flight pictures on Monday - very exciting. Honestly, I can't remember a thing he said. I am in a daze when he calls. Literally on cloud 9. My brain goes into shut down mode as soon as I see the area code "210" pop up on my phone. All I know is he's doing fabulous & his physical test is Wednesday!

Now let's all pray together that he gets Thunderbolt. Pretty please?

We are super duper pumped to see each other. Talk about a second honeymoony! Today I got a little light blue cardigan sweater to go with my dress for Saturday of graduation weekend & new sandals to match. annnnd some more shoes for the whole teacher thing I do & a picture frame. Ta da! Only about $90. Ahem.

The Internet was so slow on base that he couldn't see this blog. How sad. I'm sure he would have really loved it. Especially the whole Prince thing. Now I'm pretty much to the 10 day countdown. Are you ready for this? Buckle your seatbelts, yall! Cause I will be talking about graduation for the next 2 weeks.

Please keep all extremeties inside the moving blog.
Oh, and the exit is at the top right hand corner.

But why would you want to leave!? Seriously.


  1. LOVE that at the end your went all flight attendant-y on us. haha. aaaaand, really...why WOULD anyone want to leave? that's crazy talk! oh, and even though I already knew everything that was in the blog, i still got really excited for you when i read it. haha. :)