Thursday, March 26, 2009

extra pictures!

as you can see, he was very excited to eat a meal and RELAX while doing so. When we first sat down, he took a fork, dipped it in his soup, and slurped his soup like a wild animal. I just stared with my mouth open. He said, "Oops... forgot I didn't have to rush..." Ha!! Also, I have never seen someone eat oreos and guzzle milk like that before. He hasn't had milk in two months!!! Shocking.

Oh, and he said a ton of guys wet their beds because of all the water they drink. Like, soak the bed. He didn't, but it's insanely common. The AF "flushes" all the toxins out of your system and forces you to guzzle water constantly... so you end up peeing in your sleep. Ew. Anyway... there we go!! Get ready for a new batch of pictures tomorrow!


  1. No milk?! No milk?! Where did they get calcium from for goodness sake?
    (well, I mean, not that there aren't other means of getting calcium. But what's so bad about milk?)
    Can't wait for the post tomorrow!
    Oh, and yes, the skies cleared up & it looks nice & warm! Wahoo!

  2. he does look really relaxed! so excited for you. but you know that. i've only told you like a billion times. :)