Sunday, March 1, 2009

military wifey quiz!

Military Wife's Survey

The Courtship
Where did you and your military man meet?: Living Hope!
How did you feel about him being in/joining the military?: We discussed it for a good year before he finally joined. I'm proud of the decision he's made.
Did you have to wait for him while he went to Boot camp?: ... currently there..
Did you attend his boot camp graduation?: I will be leaving in 24 DAYS!!

The Marriage
Were you married before or after he joined?: He signed the papers while we were engaged - but we were married by the time he left!
Where did he propose?: Cracker Barrel :] Our little spot.
Did he wear his uniform on your wedding day?: Nah, he didn't have one yet.
Was he home the full first year of your marriage?: We will be separated for the first 7 months of marriage.
How long were you married when you had to go through your separation?: Two weeks. Gasp. Try walking in MY shoes.

The Life of a Military Wife
What branch is he in?: US Air Force!
What's his rank?: E-3.
What does he do in the military?: He will be in electrical systems.
How many bases have you guys been stationed at?: He's currently at Lackland in training.
What's been your favorite base?: none so far...
Ever lived in base housing?: not yet!
What's the best thing about being a military wife?: The government taking care of us completely. Great insurance, job security... discounts ;]
What's the worst?: being separated and having to communicate through letters
How many deployments have you survived?: None so far. Let's not use that word.
Do you send care packages?: I can't yet. I can only send letters!
Do you go to the commissary on payday?: Oh, I will! I'm going to Ft. Campbell soon to shop.
Have you ever worked at the PX?: Ick, no. I'm going to college for a reason.
Do you own any Military wife stuff?: Why yes, I do! Two shirts & a hat. So far.
Do you know your husband's branch hymn?: I've played it a thousand times in symphonic band, but I don't know the words.
Have you ever been to his promotion ceremony?: Ha. Not yet.
Is he a lifer?: we plan on staying in for life, if that's what that means.
What's some advice for a new wife going through their first deployment?: beats me. I'm the one needing the advice.
Aren't you glad you married your hero?: I SURE AM!! He's the strongest hubby I know! Sure knows how to take care of his wife.

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  1. You need to print all these out and bind them for a treasured memory book to pass down to your children... what better gift to give a child than to see God's hand bring two people together and true love to prevail, to show them the love that started their family... it's awesome!!