Saturday, March 21, 2009

such a tease

Dear Obsessive Reader,

I took tons of cute pictures today.

So I bet you're wondering where they are.

Too bad for you, 'cause I have a stinky laptop that will not cooperate. It's been having "issues" for a while, and now it won't upload pictures. Lovely. Just lovely.

You will have to wait until tomorrow to get the super cute post that will make you pee in your pants, do a dance, and smile so big - it'll reach to France!

Just wait. It'll be worth it, I promise! and please don't go into shock - I never miss a day of blogging, so I'm a little on edge too. But tomorrow will be full of posts. Until then...

The Landlord


  1. ohhh, sad day! it's ok. at least you tapped into my IV by posting SOMETHING....and not just leaving me wondering. such a good blogger, you are. [oops, there's the yoda in me]

  2. hahahaha love you.. you blogging animal, you