Tuesday, March 17, 2009

what we do on my day off

Even though I have a midterm tomorrow in Intervention Strategies for Students with High Incidence Disabilities, I have no intention of studying. On my off-days, I like to play outside. Take pictures. Blog. and eat chicken rings & mac and cheese in the midst of it all. These preschool years are just too precious to miss. Ohhh, the whole school thing can wait! These precious moments cannot. As you view these pictures, keep in mind the obvious [and adorable] differences between boy and girl.

ignore the blurriness - too cute to not show!

swingset hair

this is the other man who can stare at me anytime he wants

ahh, gorgeous.

girlfriend's got some wild hair. I can relate.

gorgeous, chunky cheeks.

mhmm. boy.

ahh, sweet & innocent curiosity.
they found a bird nest. although A looks like she's about to sneeze, C has the most adorable expression...

C & I are currently listening to some hard rock Christian music. and he's dancing and head banging and doing some cuh-razy dance moves. I'm pretty sure he's attempting to break dance. Now, if only I had a way of recording that for my blog.


  1. :]
    How cute & fun!
    Chris & I took Bindi to the church property today (Lover's Lane - with permission, of course!) and she had a blast. Only, I didn't take pictures. Too bad, because it was absolutely beautiful! Have you driven by lately?
    If only puppies played on swing sets...
    *day dreams*

  2. No! I haven't! Yeah, better not put Bindi on a swing!! That would be bad. But I bet she could SLIDE! hahaha

  3. this. is. precious.

    i wanna plaaay! :)

  4. Don't fret, yall. Coming up soon:

    Serious Springy Soccer Scraps

  5. hey - i'm pretty sure my little boys are the most precious - and yes, Big C is all BOY!

  6. why on earth are you posting this anonymously? you have a Blogger account... at least sign your name at the bottom! oh, and that's my sister, fyi.

  7. okay, I want you to take my children and take beautiful pictures of them like you did with Clayton today.... Your sister is so lucky to have you ! (I'm sure it's mutual too!!)

  8. I'll make sure she reads your comment! :D