Monday, March 30, 2009

a whole day of crying.

Ahh. Sunday. Best day of the week. Except not.. because I had to say goodbye to my husband for another two months. At least. Do you know how much it sucks to say goodbye and not be able to touch them!? It's horrible. I cried the entire day. No exaggeration. Good thing I had makeup with me!

We went to Burger King for breakfast since we had no car and had to walk. Long lines, but pretty good.

and we got to sit with Lisa & John!!! He slept right next to M, and I have been talking to Lisa since the very beginning of BMT. We've become really really close. I love her!
Then we headed over to church. Here it is:

oh, and here's a bunch of trainees walking to church..

and here we are in church before I started crying. We just sat down. Believe me, I was crying within 30 seconds of sitting down.

You'll probably need to click on these two pictures and enlarge them since they're hard to see. When the guys get in there, they all link arms and sway during the music videos. They've memorized all the words to the videos. They're all so close to each other, depending on each other and everything. Plus, there are Christian music videos playing, such as Letters From War by Mark Schultz. Yeah. That'll make you cry instantaneously. I have never been to church like this. The guys literally scream the words because they're so passionate about worshipping - not because they're soldiers. In the picture above, you can see on the screen a soldier hugging his wife.. yeah.. way to make a girl cry!!

Of course, it was pretty cool when the preacher [chaplain?] stood up and said, "Are yall ready to worship God?" and everyone in the building screamed: SIR YES SIR!


See this airman walking down the aisle? His only job is to pass out tissues because everyone just sits and cries. It's horrible!!!

After church, we went outside and took pictures. All 3 of these men are going to Sheppard AFB in Wichita Falls, Texas to do electrical systems! How cool!

Oh, and here are some 1st weekers that haven't been issued boots. M wanted to get a picture as he laughed at them..

Holy smokes! That's one hott airman... carrying my luggage. What a sweetheart!

Here's me and my buddy Cara!! She, too, has kept me sane throughout BMT. I love her!!!!

me with my AF wife pin..

and our last picture together. Sigh.


  1. that video made me cry for real. such an emotional roller coaster. loved it. and ummmm, i'm trying to figure out how if you cried all day, you still looked THAT pretty. not fair. not fair at all. and my favorite picture is the one of you and Mark right underneath the one of mark, 2 guys, you, and that one wife. soooo cute.

  2. I agree with Christine! When I cry, my face gets all red and splotchy, and you still look gorgeous! You can't tell you have been crying at all. Let

  3. why did that post before I clicked it?!
    Anyway-Let the new countdown begin! You can do it!

  4. hahaha. paige just cracked me up. hahaha.


  5. that video gets me teary at the end when all the families hug their soldiers. and my face WAS splotchy. I'll put up the picture of me DURING church while i was crying :] I had my luggage with me all day, so I just went and reapplied makeup!! :D hehe. I'm a cheater! I know!