Monday, March 23, 2009

a sorry excuse for a Not Me Monday!

This week, you could hop on over to see what MckMama is up to, but I doubt she'll be posting her Not Me Monday. Instead, she's at the hospital with her infant son, Stellan, in ICU. He has Supra Ventricular Tachycardia [his heart is beating at 300bpm - WAY too high], and he was supposed to die right after birth. But he didn't. He is a miracle, and I pray that he will continue to prove that God works miracles.


I am not leaving tomorrow night to head to San Antonio to see my husband graduate Basic Military Training.

OKAY OKAY, I am!!!!!!!!

My parents and I are heading out around 3am on Wednesday morning. Which is technically Tuesday night. I am taking my laptop, so don't worry! I'm not sure if our hotel will have a wireless Internet connection or not. Let's pray they do!! I would hate not to be able to tell all of you every detail of every minute of every hour of every day. Ahem. You know you want to be informed. Don't deny it.

I will be up at the crack of dawn on Thursday morning [probably after not sleeping a wink!] and going to the Airman's run. I have cleared off my entire memory card for my camera. Now I'll have room for at least 1200 pictures. Haha... I'm totally serious.

I am banking on M calling tonight. I have a lot of stuff to talk to him about. I'm sure all of you know what/who I'm talking about.

By Thursday, I will:
know whether or not the military will move me to WF, TX in May
know if M made Thunderbolt
see my husband for the first time in 2 months
get as much alone time as I want
have bought a million dollars worth of souvenirs
taken approximately 350 pictures
be so anxious that my Nervous Colon Syndrome will kick in
cry my eyes out when I see M!
likely punch someone in the face if they try to get between me and my husband
likely watch my best friends, Lisa and Cara, punch the same person in the face while I watch

yes, these things are very likely.

I am so excited. Too bad I have this paper thing to write. Boy, I haven't had to write a paper in many months. Tomorrow I get to take the Woodcock Johnson myself! ..and pretend like I'm a first grader. How exciting. School is absolutely the last thing on my mind today.

Tomorrow I return to my elementary school to spend my very last day with my kiddos. It will be very very sad! Something tells me that high school kids won't give me hugs and talk about what's for lunch like my 4th graders do. Sigh. Big kids just aren't fun.

OH, and a very special HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the best sister in the WORLD! The same sister who birthed the adorable children you all love to see! :] She is 28 today, but her older son insists that she is only 5.

**Whoops! I forgot most of you [okay, NONE of you] are psychology or special education majors. The Woodcock Johnson is an achievement test for ages 2.5-89. It shows how much an individual is capable of learning.


  1. you are so stinkin' cute. oh, and i would so teleport there and ounch those people in the face. I would, but my teleportation machine is in the shop. drat.

  2. You're gonna ounch them in the face!?!? Please, don't do that!!! Ounching is unacceptable.

    Punching.. however.. ;]

  3. oh. hahaha. i seriously almost laughed out loud in class.

    haven't you heard?!? ounching is WAY more intense than punching.

    what a dumb typo. i'm such a crazy.

  4. Wahoo!!! One more day!! Actually, less than a day! I can't wait to hear all the exciting news!
    By the way, poor baby Stellan!

  5. PS-I am highly interested in this test you keep talking about. I want to take it!

  6. i wanna take it too!

  7. ha, you two would get amazing scores since you both are in [or have graduated] college. like one part is full of addition, subtraction, and multiplication problems all mixed up, and it's timed [brings back memories of elementary school!!]; another part is i say words, and you have to spell the correctly; one part is a paragraph with a missing word, and you have to think of the word off the top of your head [VERY hard]; another part is a TON of math problems.. some are INSANELY hard - like WAY into trig.. ; but mostly it's easy. I promise! It's mostly for sped kids.

  8. WAHOO!
    That's all I have to say.:]