Tuesday, March 24, 2009

a hairy situation

Kids tell the funniest stories. Since I'm an exceptional education major, I get to hear even funnier stories than usual! This, my friends, is why teaching is fun:

So there we were in math intervention. It was early. Ohhh, I'd say 8:15am, to be exact. I looked up to notice that one of my little buddy's mustaches was gone! Yes, one of my little friends had a mustache in the 5th grade.

I immediately asked for details on how he got rid of it.

And the story began...

First he went to the "beauty shop" to get it waxed off. See, he was sick and tired of people talking about it and asking him, "Why do you have a mustache in elementary school!?" He arrived and sat in the chair. He was all set to be waxed up. Until he looked over and saw another girl getting her mustache waxed. She screamed. And that was the end of that for my little friend! He jumped up, kicked the girl [accidentally] in the leg, and high-tailed it out of there! Forget waxing!

Afterward, he took a trip to Walgreens to buy a Smooth Away.

I'm sure you've seen the commercials. Ahem. So there he was. He took it and smoothed-away one half of his mustache. He was immediately left with a HUGE red, burning spot on his upper lip! So bad, in fact, that he quickly ran to get a band-aid. He stuck a big band-aid on his face and then reinforced it with a gigantic piece of tape. Just in case, you know.

This was all during Spring Break. Ha.

So Sunday came, and he decided it was time for the band-aid to come off. There he was... with half a mustache on Sunday morning. He went to church like nothing was different. Until he began to get some looks. Okay, a lot of looks. People were obviously talking about his mustache and staring at it like crazy.

He decided that was enough! He went home, found an electric razor, and shaved it off!! Woohoo!!

And today he arrived with just a hint of stubble. Very cute, fifth-grade stubble!

...and that is why I thank God I'm a girl!

[moral of the story: don't use a Smooth Away]


  1. hahahaha. i love kids so much! i'm just picturing this. so. funny. kudos.

  2. Smooth Away is evil. I've tried it too.

    Cute blog Shannon!