Thursday, March 19, 2009

Things I love Thursdays: Part II

Well well well, here we are again. Tonight I'm going to focus on the people who keep me sane: Lisa and Cara - my Air Force Wives!

Cara's husband is from our state, and they shipped out together. Then they came back together because of that [lucky] ice storm! Then they left together again. Her husband sleeps on the top of M's bunk! How about that?!

Lisa's and her hubby are from Missouri. Her husband sleeps next to M! How ironic.

We magically found each other on facebook, and we are best buddies. No really. Honestly, I think that they are the some of the only people who actually understand what I'm currently going through. Because their husbands are currently in BMT. They've never dealt with a deployment. They're brand new at this - just like me.

So what I feel, they feel. and vice versa. It's a great thing that we have.

And we stick up for each other. We are all willing to knock some people's teeth out for one another. We are devoted. And we can't wait to meet each other at graduation [I leave in 6 days! Nearly 5 if you round down..]

I love my two air force wives. We will always have a special bond, because we're experiencing this together. and we can't wait to experience graduation together - it will be magnificent! I love them dearly.


Also, tonight I would like to share my other love: Scrapbooking.

Boy, if you don't scrapbook, you are missing out. I began by scrapbooking the year of 2007 of hubby and me. I started with an 8x8 book. Found out quickly that it was way too small. Then I began scrapbooking my older nephew, C's, life. It was beautiful. A 12x12 book filled with adorable pictures, colorful pages, cute stick ons, stamps, and stickers! I quickly fell in love.

Then I scrapbooked the year of 2008 with Prince M. That went smashingly. I also managed to scrapbook the 2nd year of C's life. Again, smashing.

Tonight I went to Hobby Lobby and spent a "little" money on Air Force/military stuff so I can properly scrpabook M's graduation! I am fully equipped with amazing military-themed paper, tons of stick ons and stickers, and a camo scrapbook album. I am set, baby.

I don't even want to think about how much money I have invested in scrapbooking. But money is no option when documenting life's most precious memories. I'm dearly hoping none of you have stacks of pictures laying around your house. If so, please don't tell me. Instead, at least put them in albums. If you're feelin' crafty, start a new hobby of scrapbooking! You won't be disappointed.

*Note: Scrapbooking takes up all of your time. and all of your money. If time or money is precious to you, maybe scrapbooking won't be your thing.

Oh, and I would like to give a special note to Christine , Brittney, and Becky. They, too, have kept me sane throughout all of this. And I love them both dearly, as well! Although they are not currently AF wives, they always know just what to say. They are amazing.


While sitting on the couch tonight:

C: "Shannie, why are people being mean to you?"

Me: "I don't know. But it's annoying."

C: "I know why. It's because M isn't here."

Me: "C, you are such an insightful 4-year old."

Yes, if M were here, people would be shutting their mouths. Or there would be bloodshed. Mark my word.


  1. 1) shout out for me! :)
    2) C is such a cute face.
    3) We both went to hobby lobby tonight!
    4) i already texted you two of these things, but felt the need to comment them anyways.
    5) i love you.

    [the end]

  2. my back is killing me due to extreme stress.

    i just wanted to let the world know.

  3. In 7 (but really 6) days, your husband can massage it! yaaay!

  4. Love you too!!! And you are going to be just fine and soon be looking back at all this and scrapbooking it!!! :) Hang in there!!

  5. ahhh! i clicked on my name to get to my blog, and i almost cried when it wasn't there because i thought i somehow deleted my blog. hahaha. good news. it just moved. whew!

  6. This blog makes me really happy! I'm so so glad you've got the support you do, when so many people aren't supportive. Also, I'd like for you to know my comment box is right next to your BMT Grad countdown! This is what it says: 5 days, 14 hours, 15 minutes, & 33 seconds! Wahoo! I bet it is so close you can taste it!
    I love you, too! I'm glad God placed you & M in mine & Christopher's lives!

  7. Hey darlin!!! I cant wait! Its almost hear.
    && yes it is a GREAT thing me you and lisa have. =] Im so lucky you feel that way! We're not in this alone! We have each other! Love you girlie!!!!

  8. I would love to start scrapbooking. It is something I have always thought about doing but have just never seemed to have the time to start. Maybe one day!