Monday, March 30, 2009

where has PM been these past two months, anyway!?

So maybe you've been wondering where PM has been sleeping for the past two months. Or maybe not. In any case, I'm going to give you a little tour around the barracks dorm. He's in the Air Force, yall! Not the Army!

As you may recall, M's duty was to clean the latrines. Here he is in the shower. I didn't get a picture of the stalls!

Take a look at this beautiful bed. Not one wrinkle! I hate making my bed - hopefully PM will continue this "habit" when we finally live together. I'll let him make our bed anytime he wants!

His shoes... all neatly lined up.

A little peak into his locker... well, part of it, anyway.

and a peak into his drawer. Here you can see his neatly rolled up socks, towels, etc.

They make them roll their socks a certain way to create smiley faces in the sock! M's showing me the smile, but you can't really see it in the picture.. He looks thrilled to show me his sock, no? :]

Underneath his drawer of socks and underwear, he has a locked up drawer full of a TON of stuff... including all my letters! He opened it up and there were all my gawdy bright green envelopes, all lined up. How sweet. He said he loved the green envelopes until the very end when other wives began sending green envelopes. Copiers! Sheesh! :]


I've gotten about 10 texts from M today - but no calls. He made it to Sheppard AFB safely, but he says the town looks rather stinky. Great! He also told me that he will graduate August 26th... we were not expecting a date that late. Oh well. I will just have to miss next semester of college. I guess I will spend 4 months pinching pennies so I can make it back home for Christmas and designing our new home.

and I am on M's orders - I saw the paper myself! We think I can move in 30 days. Too bad I'll still be in school. I will be done with this semester roughly in the 2nd week of May. Now we're just playing the waiting game to see when they'll move me & where I'll go. There is a waiting list for base housing there, but maybe if M gets on the list right away, we'll have a chance.


Sadly, I do not have a Not Me! Monday for today. I'm a terrible blogger, I know. Graduation sucked up my entire week, and I don't think I did anything too embarrassing. Instead of reading about me, you might want to go check on Baby Stellan who is having some serious heart problems. His heart won't stop being over 200bpm, and it has to stop. His little body can't take much more. Please pray for a full healing. He's also been projectile vomiting for quite a while. He needs lots of love and lots of prayers sent his way. I don't really understand why God allows Stellan to endure so much pain and crap - he's only 5 months old. But I know I shouldn't question God, so... I won't. But prayer works, so get to it!

Tomorrow I go back to my high school - but this time it's to teach! How crazy. Wish me good luck. I, too, will need lots of prayers... dealing with high schoolers might take all the energy I have.

Seeya tomorrow for a jaw dropping Terrible Tuesdays. Was there another blog carnival for Tuesdays? I can't remember... I've been out of the loop for a while...


  1. uhh, I don't think there was another one. I think it was just Terrible Tuesdays. But gimme a couple hours, and I can think of one. haha.

    PS....I"m SO glad he texted you today. And that you're on his orders! And that you get to move soon! And that before you know it, you will be living your DREAM!! :) love you.

  2. I wish the smiley face in the sock showed up in the picture.:[

    And I'm with Christine: I'm glad you got texts & that your on his orders! I really hope you can move out there, and that there's no waiting list. Oh, and I really hope M's first impression of the town is not as bad as it seems.:/

    Oh, I also forgot to mention that you can change the font of your blog, too. Book Antiqua is like my favorite font, so that's what I have. But on Ondrea's laptop, my blog shows up in Arial or something. *shrugs* So I don't know if changing it would matter or not. But, if you want it different on your screen, let me know!:]

    Love you!

    PS Good luck teaching high school tomorrow! You're so brave!

  3. Brave. HA. and I might change the font. This isn't my favorite.. you're such a great buddy!! thanks for helping me :D

  4. I'm so glad you are on M's orders!!! I hope you get to go be with him as soon as possible. Hopefully once he gets settled in his new area it won't be as bad as that first impression.

    Shannon, baby Stellan is breaking my heart. Have you seen the picture she posted today?? It makes me shudder to think about it, I won't be able to log on to her site until a new post is up. I can't look at it.

  5. Oh and by the way, I love your new layout!

  6. You're welcome!:]
    I'll send you another email about the font.

  7. That is great that you are on his orders..hopefully these 2 months will go by quickly!!

    Loving the new layout!! How did you get 3 pictures in your header? That is awesome!

  8. I made it in a program called Paint.. but not the same paint that's already on the computer. and my friend brittney gave me the html code for alternating headers!