Sunday, March 22, 2009

oops, we did it missed it again...

It was a cold, gray Saturday afternoon

as big bro warms up for the "big game"

there was a little aggression

...okay, a lot of aggression...

but mostly just having fun with daddy

then it was time for annual posing with the soccer ball
and no, he is not thinking what a nerd I am for capturing every moment of his life

and this expression does not sum up what he really thinks about me:

until we looked around and noticed that there were no kids around that were his age.
in fact, he was the only little kid around!

Are you kidding me?
No, we're not. We missed the game! The whole darn thing.
and we missed it by a long shot. 5 and a half hours, to be exact!

time to play now!

I hate to say it.. No, I really LOVE to say it:
I have the darndest cutest 4-year old nephew in the universe.

While he was practicing for the "big game," he looked at me
stuck his finger out
wagged it
and said,
"Don't forget that I'm your nephew, okay? Don't forget."

Don't worry, little one, I will never forget.


  1. you were right. these pictures were well worth the wait. and such a cute story to go along with it. im sorry that you missed the game, but at least you guys had an excuse to play on the playground :)

  2. Hey! The computer at work let me sign on! Wahoo!
    This post is too cute for words. And your nephew is just adorable!

  3. Yes, my kids are absolutely adorable -