Monday, March 9, 2009

It is no slight thing when they, who are so fresh from God, love us

Today we dragged the tunnel thing from the garage into the living room! These aren't the best pictures, because nephew #1 thinks it's hilarious to hide from me so I can't take a decent picture.

While C is dodging me every time I put the camera to my face, H is busy eating the tunnel itself.

So this is the closest thing I got to a picture of them next to each other. Blah.

This was right before C jumped up inside the tent and cause H to flip backwards and bang his bald head on the carpet. He looked up at C so shocked. Ha. Hilarious.


Round up next to the campfire, yall! It's time for Not Me Monday!

This week, my mom, sister, C & I went to Target to look for me a purse. Because C had excellent behavior all day, he was promised a small treat, such as a toy snake. While mom & sister were looking at clothes, I took the liberty of taking C to the toy section. Then we spotted it: Spongebob Operation. [Just like regular Operation - only with Spongebob. On a side note, I hate Spongebob because it is totally inappropriate for kids!! It's filthy. Do not let your chilluns watch it!] Back to the story. I did not coax C into wanting the game instead of the snakes. I did not proceed to say, "COME ON, C!! This game is way cooler than those snakes!!!"

I did not force him to want that game. Nope! Not me!

Then, while we were back on our way to mommy, I did not prepare him for the conversation I knew they would have. I certainly did not practice a convo that went something like this:

"Now tell mommy, 'I have wanted this game my whole life. Please, mommy. Pretty please? I love you. I need this game!'"

He did not repeat it back to me, and I did not high-five him for his excellent work. That would be ridiculous & I would never blog about it even if I did do that.

Yesterday was our Bible Quiz ice cream party. Our team won first place [as usual... ;], so we were celebrating with ice cream! There was plenty to go around, so I saved my little carton of chocolate & vanilla mix for my nephews. So, today when my mouth was totally dry & I was needing a snack, I did not eat the entire carton by myself. In one sitting. I would never do something that crazy. I don't even want to think about the calories that I would have injested if I had eaten that much! Yikes!

Today, the boys were playing in the ball-less ball pit/tunnel in the living room. Baby H flew backwards and slammed his squishy head on the carpet. When I saw his horror-struck face, I did not whisper to his big brother, C, "Shh... Act like nothing happened... Go make him laugh... He'll forget about it..." That would qualify me as a bad aunt - which I most certainly am NOT! I love those kids. and their squishy little heads. Mmmm.

... I am actually witholding my last Not Me because it's inappropriate for this family-friendly blog. Besides, I'm certain that my inlaws just might look at my blog. Once in a while. Maybe. Highly unlikely, however. Drat!

Now, what have you NOT been doing this week!? Go on - let it all out & join the party!


  1. some great not me mondays in there.

    have a good day

  2. you win for the cutest nephew contest. fur shur. aaaaand....i wanna play in the tent too. hah. like i'd fit.

  3. :D I used to get in there when it was brand new! But I don't think I'd fit with TWO kids in there.