Tuesday, August 2, 2011


A couple weeks ago, our dog jumped on our (open) laptop and broke our Alt key. I can't fix it. And now there's a missing key and it's driving me insane. Luckily, there are 2 Alt keys, and I never really use an Alt key. But still. Ugh.

Adalyn still isn't crawling, but what she can do is scoot around, do full 360's, and crawl backwards. And she's also a pro at getting on her stomach and getting annoyed.

Her specialty these days is finding the smallest amounts of lint ever and picking it up and examining it. This girl is destined to be a neat freak and cleaner extraordinaire, because she loves finding the teeniest bits of dirt! She now knows not to eat them, but I've had to say NO! one too many times this week as I catch her trying to put a piece of lint in her mouth.

Ew, child!

We're in-between Mark coming home from a TDY (that's military lingo for a business trip) and him leaving on another. We hate TDY's, and we're already dreading the one coming up and looking forward to it being done! He has to eat MRE's on these TDY's, which are meals ready to eat, and I enjoy hearing about the gross-ness (and yummy-ness) of them! He brought some home to show me how they work - you basically add water to a pouch of food and it miraculously becomes a meal. Or should I say it disgustingly becomes a meal. I'm pretty sure one of them is pork ribs? Uh, ew? Ribs should never be in a pouch!

Things I'm looking forward to:
going to the aquarium this weekend
Ad's photoshoot with The Picture People this weekend
venturing to Water Country soon!
taking Adalyn to the base housing pool for the first time
our cruise - coming up in 2.5 months!
planing her first birthday party
getting completely unpacked from our move
the day Adalyn discovers how to crawl forward



  1. E is the exact same way about finding the smallest little pieces of dirt or crumbs on the floor!! Maybe it's a baby thing? I just don't know how he sees these things. Haha.

  2. Ella didn't crawl until she was over 10 months! So no worries friend! She will do it in due time. And than once she learned it will be like she never didn't crawl (haha... did that make sense). Ella went from 0-60 with crawling in like 2 days! It's amazing how fast they learn.

    Ella is the same way with the smallest piece of whatever she finds!

    Adalyn is such a doll! Love the pictures!

  3. Gracie used to do the same thing about finding the smallest things & now she is a clean freak! Shes on the path to being OCD like me =/

  4. My husband's been in the army for 24 years and he doesn't eat MREs when on TDY. In fact, he eats at very nice restaurants and gets reimbursed for per diem. Right now, he's in Myrtle Beach for a Warrant Officer Convention and just last night he had dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe. The only time he eats MREs is in combat or training in the back woods.

    Are you sure your husband is eating eating MREs on TDY, Shannon? That's strange...

  5. Perhaps it is different for the Army. However, many times when my husband has been TDY, he has eaten MREs. Not everyone gets the luxury of eating out at fancy restaurants while on TDY to train.

  6. I guess so, Anon. Mark's farely new to the military, and so I'm sure once he moves up in rank he'll have more opportunities to toss those MREs aside. It's been so long, I forgot what those days were like for my husband. He's certainly earned the "luxury of eating out at fancy restaurants" though. Lots of years, lots of college!