Friday, March 23, 2012

Twins: Q&A!

February 16!

Q: Were you trying for a baby?
A: Trying? No. But TRYING? Yes. Not preventing a pregnancy can lead to twin babies, apparently :)

Q: Are you still nursing Adalyn?
A: Yes. She nurses off and on throughout the day. She says, "Nuss peese!"

Q: When do you plan to wean her?
A: I don't. I'm taking her lead.

Q: Will you breastfeed the twins?
A: Lord willing. I've been fretting over this, but I've found this neato pillow that should make things much easier:


I've EBF'd for 17 months+ now without bottles, and that's what I'm most comfortable with.

Q: Will you have a c-section?
A: I really don't want one! But I can't control life and unexpected things. So I'm just going to take life as it comes. But my doctors are extremely open to vaginal twin births, as long as both twins are not breech.


Q: What does Mark think?
A: During the past few weeks, Mark has consistently said he would LOVE twins. (You can even ask him - I am NOT making this up! We've been discussing twins for the past 3 weeks!).. he is more proud than ever and has ZERO fears. I know. Crazy! :) He can't wait to hold them in his arms. On the way home from the ultrasound, he drove us to Babies R Us so he could test drive the double strollers. Excitement is an understatement.

Q: How close will Adalyn and the babies be?
A: Adalyn's birthday is October 20, and the babies are due October 28. They will likely be less than 2 years apart! Planning 3 birthdays that close together?? Oh mercy!

Q: What did your family say!?
A: I called my mom immediately --

Mom? Are you sitting down?
Why?! What's wrong?!?!?.... IS IT TWINS?!??*

*True story. She guessed it before I said it. What can I say? Mothers know these things :)

My family is downright shocked but very excited! This will be my parents' 5th and 6th grandchildren! My sister shouted it (literally) to her coworkers, and I heard her literally shrieking and squealing on the phone. And I later found out that my adorable brother-in-law even announced it at work. How sweet!


Q: Do twins run in your family?
A: Definitely not!

Q: Do you hope it's boys/girls or both?
A: I am feeling more like it's one of each or two girls. Two days ago, Mark did refer to them as "the girls" but he would love a son! I cannot wait to find out!

Q: How are you feeling?
A: I have waves of nausea and it's usually worse at night. It isn't as bad as my pregnancy with Adalyn, though, which is interesting! I am feeling completely overwhelmed and still in a mini state of shock. Though I did have some intuition that I was carrying twins, I didn't fully expect it. And the little details - like how I will initially work on our breastfeeding relationship, how I will get them to sleep at the same time, etc. keeps me up at night. I know I need to let it go, because I can't control the future. I'm just hoping and praying that the three of us stay healthy and they stay put for as long as possible until they're healthy and ready!

I feel so unprepared for this!


  1. haha I felt sick at night too. That's why I never thought I was pregnant. I was exhausted and just chalked it up to chasing Jace around and stress! lol surprise! :) I will def be praying for you and peace to come! Every time we go to the Dr we make sure to clarify that they still think there is only 1. haha

  2. Shannon you totally have no need to worry about being unprepared.

    I think you've done amazingly well going with the flow with Adalyn even when things (like her birth!) didn't necessarily turn out how you expected. Do the same with the twins and you'll be just fine.

    I'm so excited to follow your pregnancy, I've never read a twins blog before!

  3. I love the twins!!! I am so, so, sooo excited for you!!! And Mark is such a fun dad!