Friday, April 19, 2013

those twins o f mine - they're sorta 6 months now!

Um, whoops! I sort of haven't blogged in.. forever.

And now my twins are 6 months old. Ahem.

My little blonde-haired, blue-eyed boys are just so big now. Starting to sit up alone, eating some baby food here and there (although I don't give them that much. Just when I remember to - heh heh), and developing their own personalities.Time's flown since birth. For the first 6 months, I can truthfully say that it was easy for me and the transition to 3 kids 2 & under wasn't hard at all!

But then 6 months happened, and these days are a bit more challenging. I often literally sweat while juggling both of them. It can be rough and sometimes I feel myself panic to death and it is hard when they both want me. But.. luckily I have pretty laid back boys, and we survive every day and do have fun along the way ;) 

I honestly have no time for blogging these days. I don't know how people do it. They do nap at the same times each day (4 naps a day -- but they do wake up at 6am...), but during those times, I like to sit quietly. Or play with Ad. Or lay down and catch my breath. Haha! 

Tyson (my baby A), is Mr. Smiley 24/7 and is more vocal, likes food more, and likes to sit up more than Roman. He's pretty laid back and doesn't mind just lounging in a bouncy seat while I take care of Roman. I'd say 70% of the time, he wakes up first in the morning. He wakes up by kicking his legs and breathing heavy and talking out loud. It would be the cutest thing ever if it weren't at 6am. Just kidding. It's still cute!!

I always put Tyson to sleep in the swing for his morning nap, and I've been laying Roman down in his crib and trying to help him fall asleep there. In a dream world, I would rock my babies to sleep and cuddle them to the ends of the earth. But - reality check - I have two, and they both want to sleep at the exact same time. So that isn't possible. Thank heavens for that swing!!!

Roman (baby B!) is my more dominant twin. He knows what he wants and is more assertive, but he's still extremely laid back and all smiles. But if someone is fussing in the car, I can almost bet it would be Roman! He can scoot himself around the floor (mostly going in circles) and enjoys pushing up on his arms while on his belly. Tyson hates that! He loves jumping in his jumperoo and is the cutest little toot!! 

I have the best twins ever. I really do!! They are the smiliest babies I've ever seen. All you have to do is make eye contact with them, and they bust out in the hugest smiles! I feel like they're honestly the same baby. They cry the same, basically have the same personalities (just with Roman being a *bit* more demanding), and like everything the same. We'll be getting their DNA test done for their first birthday - because everyone seems to think they're identical! I can't stand not knowing, and I thought it would be a fun surprise at their first birthday party!

& for a little catch up, here are some of my favorites from the past few months:

I love my sweet boys to death and feel SO lucky to get the chance to be a mom to twins!


  1. I love the update. They are soooo cute! What a lucky Mommy you are girl

  2. such a cute update! They are the cutest! Blogging is difficult the more you have, I think, but the older they get I think the easier it will get. :)