Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Her favorites.

I've completely slacked and haven't even written a 7-month update on our little girl. I'll get to that in a sec. But first, I have compiled a list of her favorite things. Mostly for my memories!

Our spunky little 7.5-month old loves...

-Pinching the backs of my arms. It hurts like beep! and I've gotten multiple bruises. Ow!!

-Pulling Piper's fur. Super hard. You'd think our dog would hate this. But really? Piper LOVES it. She curls up next to Adalyn and waits for Adalyn to pull her skin/fur. It is horrible, and Adalyn sometimes gets chunks of white fur in her hand. Piper just seems to adore her and even licks her feet while Adalyn enjoys her pull-fest...

-Snacking on Gerber crunchies. I'm not big into baby "snacks," but she thinks she's big stuff in her high chair with Crunchies while I eat my dinner.

-Clawing my breasts while I nurse. I have little cuts all over my chest. Suddenly, Adalyn is sounding a little.. violent, isn't she?! Bwhahaha!!

-Reading Won't You Be My Kissaroo every night and acting out the kisses.

-Me kissing her belly or feet. Lots of belly laughs ensue.

-Her ball popper. Once upon a time, she cried when I turned that toy on. Now, she digs it. Thank heavens.

-Eating "real people food." Babyled weaning is fun.

-Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Um yeah, what is it about this show that captivates babies? She watches it for 5 minnutes in the morning while I put on my makeup. Four words: Miska! Mouska! Mickey Mouse!

-Chewing on my iPhone, keys, or chapstick. Basically all things she shouldn't have.

-Swinging at the park. That big grin just can't be wiped off her face.

-Drinking ice water out of her Nuk sippy cup.

-Her cousins Clayton, Hudson, and Graydon.

-Mommy. The girl thinks I ROCK! ... which I do ;)


Adalyn is so spunky and active. The girl will flip out of your arms if you don't have a grip on her. And, as a matter of fact, she did twist out of my sister's grip today! Mark is in for a wild ride, that's for sure! She is 7.5 months old and continues to be the biggest joy of my life. She still takes (and NEEDS) 3 naps a day and is staying up around 3 hours in-between naps. This month, she decided that 6:30 is her new wake-up time and begins the day with subtle "da-da's" that turns into loud singing. Once she turns her head and sees me, she flashes the biggest smile on the planet. It's the greatest thing ever.

Separation anxiety is upon us for sure. She wathces me like a hawk and will even sometimes cry when I leave the room.

She's had lots of "firsts" this summer, including swimming in her cousins' pool. She was a little unsure, but she took it in stride and had fun with mama! She still is anything but laid back, and I've basically come to the conclusion that she has my personality. Poor kid. Her daddy is always as cool as a cucumber, but not me! And not Adalyn :)


We are down to the wire on this deployment. I know a lot of people flip out about OPSEC, but even we don't know when he will come home! And we won't know until the day before, actually! But he will be home soon. And I am anxious, excited, nervous, elated, and every emotion under the moon. The idea of us - a family - together again? Enough to make my heart beat out of my chest. I am holding on for the moment that I see Adalyn in his arms again. What will he think of her so grown up? What will she think of HIM? My mind races a thousand miles an hour when I picture it all. I haven't seen him in so long that truthfully I can't remember what it is like to have him here. I've parented Adalyn alone for 6 months, so what on earth is it like to have her daddy to help!? It will all feel so bizarre, yet perfect and wonderful, to have him home again.

And on that note, Adalyn actually kind of hates strangers. Hate might be a strong word, but she curls up her lips and screams in their face. So "hate" might be an appropriate word. But when she sees her daddy on Skype, her face lights up and she smiles so, so big at him. We're hoping she recognizes him from the computer and takes to him like he never left.

Her coming home outfit has been bought. It fits perfectly. It is too cute for words.

We have a photographer booked to capture our reunion.

We are so, so excited. You have no idea.

So this month of June? This month of raising a 7-month old baby girl? It's been bliss. I love being a mommy.

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