Saturday, May 28, 2011

Things might get crazy if...

Things might get crazy if...

...You accidentally leave the door open and your dog zooms right out the front door on a Saturday morning.

...You have to get in your car to look for your dog, because you know she isn't coming back.

...With a stroke of luck, you see the dog in someone's yard! You get out, offer a treat, and she turns around faster than a bolt of lightning and speeds off like a bullet.

Things continue to get crazy when...

...You drive around for half an hour without finding your defiant dog.

...You decide to leave the garage door up and head off to pick strawberries, even though you don't have an address or a clue where you're going.

...You drive off to the absolute middle of nowhere, lose cell phone service, and realize you are nowhere close to a strawberry patch.

...Your GPS screen won't work, so that's no help either.

...No one will answer their phone for help on directions.

And things get insane when...

...Your nephew starts to cry because his foot hurts.

...Your baby wakes up after 20 minutes and decides to start fussing.

...You finally (FINALLY) find the blasted strawberry patch, only to discover that it's closed for the season.

And that was all by 10:30am.

Defiant dog, safe in her bed:

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  1. What a day!! And strawberry season is already over???!! I thought it was just starting! How disappointing.

  2. Bad dog...dont you know your Mommy has her hands full!