Wednesday, May 18, 2011

WW Week 1!

Week 1 weigh in:

I'm down four pounds in my first week!!! I am extremely excited and proud!

I get 36 points per day - higher than normal because I nurse, so they give me extra points. For breakfast, I have either Special K Chocolatey Delight or Cocoa Krispies... Both of which are shockingly low calorie & fat! I usually have a frozen meal or turkey sandwich & sweet potato fries or soup or something along those lines for lunch. Snacks consist of fruit or a pudding or granola bar, and supper is just a regular healthy meal! I can still squeeze in one Coke per day and still remain within my points, so that makes me a happy mama :)

My first weight-loss goal is 148, with my overall goal being 130. I hope to be 130 by the time we sail away on our Disney cruise at the end of October (Aka Adalyn's birthday).

I can so do this!! I just signed up for WW online, so I don't actually go to meetings or get weighed by a leader. But trust me, I have enough motivation. Once I see the scale numbers dropping, that's enough motivation for me to keep going! I don't want to give up on this -- I want to be a hott wife for my hubs and a healthy mama for my baby.

Once Mark comes home, I will be able to go to the gym, which will help! I am so excited to get my old body back and excited to blog about it too!

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  1. I like to see the pounds you have shed! Keep up the good work! (I also think it's funny to see the clothes you shed on the floor too!)