Saturday, May 14, 2011

Spoon. And more!

This little girl

loves carrots.

No, like really

loves them!!!

But even more than carrots? This gal loves...


In other news, Adalyn has transitioned from four naps to three naps a day. As soon as I published my 6-month update, she decided to prove me wrong and dropped a nap! I had a feeling she was reading my blog all along.

Guess how many times Adalyn wakes up a night. Go on, I dare you!

No, she doesn't STTN.
Nope, not once!
Not twice!

...Every hour and a half!

I bet your jaw just dropped. I'm (sadly?) used to it, though. We still bedshare and breastfeed, and apparently it is VERY VERY common for babies to nurse all through the night when you pair those combos. From what I've read from tons of mamas, their kids continue to nurse a lot until 18-ish months.

Adalyn doesn't sleep nuzzled to me. We each have our side of the bed, and my back is actually toward her. I sense when her breathing changes and know when she is about to wake up. She moves a little, and I nurse her before she is even totally awake. So we just go back to sleep. I'm sure that sounds bizarre to you (yes, you..), but it is extremely comforting to me that TONS of moms do the same thing. It's just that no one talks about it. Except on BabyCenter :)

We are almost to the 30-day countdown for our family's reunion!!! I am beyond excited to have a partner in parenting and a best friend to share life with again. Being a single mother is not easy.. I just do it! We have our own little groove now, but I am definitely looking forward to having some help with her!!

We are now on a car search. We currently have a Jeep Patriot, but we need something a little bigger. 12-hour trips home with a baby and a dog require a lot of room. We have no idea what we should get. Any ideas??

I've already lost 2 pounds on Weight Watchers in 3 days. I ate a salad from Longhorn for lunch. Afterward, I looked up the nutritional information online. It was 20 points. I only get 36 a day! Now I only have 4 points left today (after I had breakfast and a coke).. Ugh! Guess I'll be eating 0-point veggies for supper!

It looks like we won't be going back to base housing for sure. Well, we're pretty certain, anyway. I am looking very, very forward to decorating our new home. And having carpet. And an ice maker. And water we can drink.

I promise to try to blog more often. Hold me to that promise, okay?

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