Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Quick update:

We are 6-ish weeks away from Mark's return!! Which means I have 6-ish weeks to lose some weight.

I have 25 pounds to lose. Or so. 20 away from my pre-pregnancy weight, but 25 away from pre-marriage weight. So last night I joined Weight Watchers, and I am ready!

I've decided to blog it all. I'm still nursing, and the weight just will not come off. If I pig out on Mexican food or starve myself with heath food, my weight doesn't budge a pound. It's just stuck. And it's pretty frustrating.

I'm starting my journey at 157 and would like to end up around 130. We have a fabulous cruise planned for October, and I'd like to look somewhat decent for Mickey Mouse. Ha.. Kidding. Sort of.

In other news, how adorable is my 6.5-month old daughter? I can't get enough of her!


  1. Oh and now I want some Mexican food. Hahahaha. :)

  2. She is beautiful! I love that smile. :)