Monday, May 23, 2011


Oh boy. I'm sucking with the blog post thing. You know what? I think part of my problem is that I used to have a laptop in front of me, and the words and creativity just flowed. Now, I have an iPhone/iPad and it just ain't the same to have to text your blog post.

But hi ho, Mark is coming back to us in a month-ish. I am SO beyond anxious. My heart races and my stomach does flips when I think of it. And, oh, we have a zillion plans. We have to move into our new home. Make it a home. Spend $600 of gift cards at the BX on stuff for our home. And do family things every.single.weekend. until it gets too cold to be outside. And then?? THEN I will have SO much to blog about that I will explode.

I promise that good blog posts are coming. Soon. Don't give up oh me. Please.

So now we are the parents of a 7-month old kid. Cuh-razy. That kid talks up a storm, eats real food, and will pinch the fire out of your skin. Oh I'm not exaggerating. She has made my face and my mother's face BLEED from her scratches! And I'm sporting a big bruise on my am from the pinch of the century. But I love my little toot so it's all good :)

Her newest favorite and most calming thing is to go outdoors. It's finally warm enough to take her out without a million layers and hats.

I'm already starting to plan her first birthday. The theme? Minnie Mouse. Not because I'm a huge fan of Minnie, but it coincides with our vacation, so it's perfect! Do you have any idea how many Minnie birthday items are for sale on Etsy?? It's a beautiful thing.

Ahh I am so excited about my life. And being a mommy to my amazing little nugget. And being a wife to the sweetest most loyal husband ever. I love it all!!

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  1. I can't wait!! And I SO agree. I've tried blogging from my phone before and it is just not even worth it!