Sunday, October 30, 2011

Castaway Cay and Pirate Night!

I completely forgot about continuing my Disney Cruise review last night (whoops! big surprise there!).. but here I am now!

Disney cruises have these amazing broadway shows every night in the Walt Disney Theater. They play them twice -- at 6:30 and 8:30 (ish? I can't remember the exact times). If you go to dinner first at 5:45, like we did, then you would go to the later theater time. But if you have the late dinner, then you would go to the broadway show first.

Capish? :)

Bad news for the Cox family -- Adalyn wants to go to bed at 7:45pm! So, sadly, we missed the first night's show, which was called The Golden Mickey's, or something. I was pretty bummed out about it, because it looked AWESOME. But the second night? I was determined to go! So we put Adalyn in her cookie pajamas and took her to the show anyway to see Villains Tonight. It was FANTASTIC! Folks, I am going to admit that I h.a.t.e. musicals. I hate them so much!! All the singing really gets on my nerves. But this? This was truly perfect. This show featured all of our favorite villains (Hades, Ursula, Scar, Cruella, Captain Hook, and more!) and they all sang and it was so funny!

Adalyn was glued to it at first, and then went to sleep like a perfect angel. Thank you, child :)

Hades - the main character - was so funny! I couldn't recommend this enough. The third night had an odd ventriloquist, because the main show was the Pirate Party up on the 11th deck. (more on that later!)

The next morning - Tuesday - was a day at Castaway Cay! This place was perfect and was truly paradise. It's an island owned only by Disney, so it's completely un-comercialized and everything is free. Basically. Once you get off the ship, you can line up and meet any character you want! We posed with Chip and Dale and Mickey - the different characters come out at different times all day long. But first we wanted to find a spot at the beach, of course!

The great thing about CC is that the boat drops you off right on the beach. It was about a 5 minute walk along the coast of the island to the Family Beach. Disney has different beaches - even one for adults only.

Oh, the ocean. It was the best. Disney put nets up, so no scary fish or sharks can come in! Adalyn played in the sand and was in the best mood. She loved digging her legs in the sand and crawling around like our little sea crab :]

We worked up an appetite and headed over to Cookies Too, Disney's free restaurant! Hamburgers, hot dogs, ribs, BBQ chicken, tomato basil salad, cole slaw, and a ton of other food plus an array of desserts.. unlimited! You just stand in line and get as much as you want. They have these beautiful pavilions to sit under and enjoy your lunch. Adalyn scarfed down their famous chocolate chip cookies and banana nut bread. The servers from the cruise are there to help you - they took my tray for me and brought it to my table. So helpful!

What else can I say about Castaway Cay? It just wonderful. If you're worried about the beach being overrun with kids, think again! We were able to find our own secluded spot with a huge umbrella for shade, and I rocked Adalyn to sleep in complete peace. Then, when she woke up, I seriously nursed Adalyn out on the beach right next to the water. Um, a mother's paradise! It could not have been better. We then walked around to the gift shops, took photos, and just took in the beauty of the island!

Then? Back on the boat! We wanted to take Adalyn to Nemo's Reef, which is their baby splash pad for children who are not yet potty-trained. The ship has 3 pools, I believe.. an 18+ pool, two kids pools, and then a big splash pad. We were the only ones in the splash pad when we went, so Adalyn was able to crawl around and explore!

Mark was itching to take a ride on the Aqua Duck - Disney Dream's huge water slide that wraps around the whole ship. He loved it!! I got my camera out just in time to snap this photo:

After a surprise encounter with Donald Duck and Lilo, it was time to get ready for Pirate Night! Disney surprised us with little bandanas to dress like a pirate for dinner, and they gave us some Mickey tattoos! So fun. Of course we dressed up our little buccaneer! The dinner was a special seafood-type deal, and it was fantastic. I had shrimp and scallops, and the shrimp were still in the shell! But the food was absolutely delicious. I scarfed it down so fast! Mark had some beef something-or-other. And Adalyn? Well, we made the mistake of ordering her macaroni and cheese. The kid hates macaroni and cheese.

But tonight was special because our servers celebrated her first birthday! She got her very own little chocolate mousse cake, a birthday pin, and everyone sang to her! It was so sweet. She just stared in awe.

And with that, our third cruise day was over!

Tomorrow's post will include: A day at sea, meeting the Disney Princesses, and the fancy schmancy night! Plus the special things that Disney does for their cruisers!

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