Friday, December 2, 2011


Oh hi! Remember me? The mother of a 13-month old little girl who never blogs, because I'd rather be reading books, taking walks around the neighborhood, pushing my toddler in the swing, learning body parts, or making a mess.

That's me!

I've just been so busy doing my mom thing that we've bypassed her first birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and entire fall season!


To briefly catch you up:
-We had a Minnie Mouse birthday party! It was a hit!
-She was a baby koala bear for her first Halloween. Loved it.
-Ham and all the fixings were greatly enjoyed this Thanksgiving.

These days, Adalyn is such a big kid. She can get anything I ask her to (blanket, shoes, socks, baby doll, book, etc.) and knows exactly what I'm saying. A few of her latest words include: yuck!, duck, juice (we call cow's milk "juice" 'round here, cause breastmilk is "milk" to her!), and hi! We laugh and "talk" all day, and she's the greatest little best friend I could have hoped for.

I've gotten extremely "addicted" to Pinterest - can't stop looking up new recipes for our family and crafts/activities for the kiddo! I guess I can solely "blame" Pinterest for my lack of blogging. Cause let's just be honest here, folks: Pinterest is more fun than Blogger.

We're in the process of night weaning, and it's going better than I could have even dreamed about. I'm on a health kick right now and have given up Cokes and am eating much healthier. I'm even [gasp!] exercising about 4 times a week!

Hm. And that's about all I want to say right now. Pinterest time!

Sorry, guys.


  1. I've heard of prinerest, but never really looked it up! Maybe I should. lol! Thanks for the small update. I really do miss seeing your blogs!

  2. Night wearing..? Whats that?