Tuesday, August 14, 2012

a big ol' pregnancy update!

Here I am again. Giving another twin pregnancy update, because that's the only kind of blogging I do these days, really :)

I'm 29.5 weeks now and we're all trucking along just great! I visit the Maternal Fetal Specialist every 4 weeks to do a special ultrasound, and now I'm down to seeing my doctor every 2 weeks. The MFM is pretty much like a regular ultrasound, but they spend more time looking at medical "stuff" instead of having fun like a regular 20wk ultrasound. As in - they spend extra time looking at my cervix, placentas, blood flow, etc. At the last appointment, we didn't get a SINGLE profile/face photo at all. She didn't even attempt it. I don't even have photos to share, because they're all really blurry and are of odd body parts.. like baby A's neck. Ahem.

Speaking of Baby A, he's transverse breech. Odd combo there, I know! But his face is down in my hip bone, and his feet are kicking my cervix. So he's diagonal, basically. Baby B is transverse but his head is pointing down. But we'll just say they're basically both transverse. I'm not worried... yet.. but I do hope they decide to flip on their own!

 (Left: Me with Ad @ 36 wks
Right: Me with twins @ 28wks)

The worst part of this pregnancy? Not being able to stand or walk for very long. I'm sure this sounds dramatic to everyone - but I *literally* can only walk for just a LITTLE bit before my stomach is extremely heavy and I get light headed, dizzy, and just extremely weak and crampy. I can still get out and do things - thank you Jesus - but I literally have to make a bee line in a store, get what we need, and then leave. Otherwise I have to find a spot to sit and rest before I can continue walking. I was NEVER like this with Adalyn! It's a whole different ballgame!

The best part of pregnancy? I guess it would be talking to Adalyn about the babies. She likes to pull my shirt up and put a little blanket over my belly for the babies. I don't know where she got this from, but she does it at least once a day. She also rubs my belly and bends down to kiss it. She never flat out says their names while talking about the babies. She just calls them "baby" .. Pretty sweet!

The "nursery" is kind of set up and ready. We're set to move into a new 4BR home at some point (sigh..) so we didn't want to do too much decorating in this home. So for now, the nursery is just the basics! Besides, the boys will be rooming with us for a long while. So their room is just housing their clothes and toys.

I still have my eye on 38 weeks and pray that my boys make it that far! At 28wks, their estimated weights were 3.4 and 3.1 pounds, which puts them at about the 80th percentile. That makes me a happy mama! I want them big and healthy before they make their grand entrances into the world!

Annnnd let me not forget about my sweet princess girl. She is my whole heart and I LOVE this kid!!! I'm starting to feel a little (okay.. a LOT) sad that our time of "just us" is ticking away. I'm trying to spend every second I can cuddling her and having mommy/daughter time. I need to do another post tomorrow on what's going on in the life of Adalyn. I think I'll definitely do that. It'll be fun! But for now, here are some photos of my little best friend:


  1. You look fantastic! Adalyn is so precious. I know we all have those fears and thoughts before adding another (or two) baby to the family. I can promise you that it will all be okay though! I had a mini melt down the night before having my second, so I completely understand. Praying that 38 weeks comes before those boys make their entrance!

  2. So great to hear from you Shannon! I feel like you've been pregnant forever...

    I feel so sad for you that you and Ad are running out of time as a family of three, but so excited about your new adventure.

    You look fantastic, but you are definitely defying gravity! Women's bodies are really incredible, I can't believe how yours has changed to accommodate the twins.

  3. I'm glad I logged in, and saw this! You look adorable, and I hear you on the "just us" time! Mine is getting closer and closer, and it's starting to really dawn on me that I'm about to have more than one kid. It wont be 3, but I'm getting really emotional about it.

    It does stink that you can't really get out and do much! I know that has to be hard. But I know when you're at home with Ad I bet she understands that mommy needs some down time. :) She seems like an understanding toddler!

  4. I had to think about you earlier today. I have 12 days left until my due date. (AHHHH!!!!!) and my back is killing me. I have no idea how you're doing it. My thoughts and prayers are with you!!!! You look beautiful, as always. :)