Thursday, January 20, 2011

Adalyn's current top 10

If you've followed my blog for a while, you know I like to make my "mommy must-haves" lists. Well, friends, I'm about to make another one:

Adalyn & Mommy's Must-Haves [at 3 months old!]

1. (Off Brand!!!) Gas Drops: These things are my best friend. I wouldn't dare go anywhere without these. I think that perhaps every other mom in my hometown feels the same way, because they are always sold out at stores. We stick to the off brand (no way am I paying $10 for Mylicon when I can buy the Target brand for $3!).. Adalyn hates her pacifier, but she'll suck it if I dab a little treat on it. Mwhahaha. Mommy's little trick...

2. Nuk Pacifiers: The only only only pacifier my girl will take. Trust me. We've bought every.single.brand. on the market, with the exception of Avent. Once I tried to get her to take a Soothie, and she gagged dramatically and threw up on me. (One of two times in her life that she's ever spit up). We love our Nuk pacifiers. Though they like to grow legs and walk off from us.. we're always losing a passy!

3. Miracle Blanket: Yadda yadda yadda. You all know how we love our Miracle Blanket. She hasn't spent a night away from her special blanket since the day she was born. And, I'm sorry to say, she's worn a hole in it. Sigh.

4. Baby Center: Mama's guilty pleasure. I've been a member of the October 2010 Birth Club since the day I found out I was pregnant. All my questions can be answered by someone on there. I'm so majorly addicted, and I browse the message boards every.single.night. while I nurse. What would I do without it to keep me entertained?!

5. Baby Einstein Play Mat: We got this awesome (free!) play mat at the Airman's Attic a while ago, and it turned out to be Adalyn's favorite "toy!" It's literally the only thing she'll sit "in" for a while so I can get things done. Like bathe, for instance. How fun is it to lay on your back and stare at dangling toys?! Too much fun, says Niblet!

6. YouTube: Yes, you read that correctly. White noise? Yeah, it works. I can often be caught playing fuzzy static videos for her to calm her down. I'm not ashamed. And the crashing wave videos? Those are just as fun!

7. Moby: My all-time favorite carrier. Ad now enjoys being carried facing out, with her little legs dangling. Girl likes to take in her surroundings and observe everything there is to see! All while keeping her nice and cozy next to mama. Best gift I've ever been given.

8. Motherhood Maternity Sleep Bra: My best friend when it comes to nighttime nursing. Super comfortable and SO easily accessible when you're a dead head at 3am and can't be bothered with snaps and hooks.

9. Cloth diapers:

Forewarned, this includes "poopie" talk:

Do you know what happens to breastfed poop in cloth diapers? The diapers actually "absorb" the poop. I wish I had a visual aid for you all, but I don't - sorry! But when she poops, the cloth soaks it right in, and she barely has any left on her skin. I love those things. Couldn't live without them!

10. CAMERAS! Oh yes! iPhones, camcorders, my Canon Rebel, and my sister's Nikon! While daddy's away, mama's taking photos!! I'm a huge "documenting" freak, so I can't take enough pictures of our sweet baby girl!

ta da!


  1. My baby boy is a wiggler and ripped a hole in his Miracle Blanket too. I just patched it with a cute fabric - no more hole!

  2. I couldn't agree more about the MM Sleep Bra. I breastfed baby #1 for 2 years and my 2nd daughter now for 13 months and I have worn them every night of those 3+ years of breastfeeding. They are comfortable and simply the best!! I bought a whole bunch more before I had my 2nd baby. :)

  3. This is a great list!

    (Did you know that if you send an email to telling them you got a hole, they'll send you a replacement right away? They even include a postage-paid envelope to send the old one back! Their replacement policy is amazing!)

  4. E hates gas drops! He hates the taste of them! I'm so glad we don't have to use them because poor boy hated them, lol.

    We have a hole in our Miracle Blanket, too! And I never got my "free" one for my blog review. Rude.

    And I totally never thought of that white noise idea on YouTube! Genius!

  5. Elijah will not take a nuk, he will only take his soothie from the hospital, he doesn't care for it on his paci either, he usually spits his paci out, but if he really wants something to suck he'll sometimes take it, other than that he sucks his hand. Elijah LOVES white noise! OH MY GOSH, sometimes that is the only way he'll calm down. And even if cloth diapering is cheaper and aborbs it, I would never be able to do it, because I have a hard enough time keeping up with laundry now. :/