Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Back in Virginia, Adalyn slept in a little white bassinet next to our bed. She loved it and would sleep 5-hour stretches. (5, then 3, then 2, then up for the day). Which was fine by me, because I knew she needed to nurse since breastmilk digests so fast. But then we moved to Kentucky, and it all went downhill.

She has a crib and a pack & play here, but no bassinet. Turns out that she hated the pack & play, so I stuck her in bed with me. Co-sleeping is a nursing mama's dream (literally!) since you can do the sideline position and sleep through feedings. But instead of Niblet sleeping longer and better, it seems like she's getting worse.

Is it the dreaded 3-Month growth spurt? Likely.
Is it the fact that she smells mama & wakes frequently? Likely.
Is it my (bad?) habit of letting her "snack" and fall asleep at the breast, not getting full meals? Likely.

She woke every 2 hours last night. Earlier this week, she woke every hour. Gas pains were the most likely culprit, but I nurse her to sleep since it's the fastest way.

So tonight we got Cousin Graydon's bassinet and are giving it a run. Gulp.

I'm still not opposed to co-sleeping at all. But if she can sleep more soundly in a bassinet, that's what we'll do. Co-sleeping is supported by & recommended by LOTS of pediatricians (including Dr. Sears!!! Who co-slept til his kids were 4!) but more on that later :)

Hopefully we both get a good night's sleep!


  1. I hope it works for you tonight! We are trying to get Elijah used to his crib, and it's working... But he only sleeps a few hours in it and then it's hard to get him back in it. I think he's going through a growth sprut too. It is time for it, so I figured that's why he was acting like he was today. he took a two hour nap, whcih is not like him anymore. But, I really hope it works for you tonight!

  2. I hope it works! We're still trying to get E out of co-sleeping. Not because we don't love it, but because he's a crazy sleeper and we usually get kicked and punched and woken up at night. Hahahaha.