Saturday, January 29, 2011

stream of consciousness!

My sister is being a peach (best aunt ever!) and holding Adalyn so I can rest and blog. We just got through with Family Game Night - we played Candy Land, Operation, and Boxers & Briefs. Now? Time for a movie and then we're spending the night with Clayton!

Earlier this evening:

Me: Why can't we watch something fun? Like The Little Mermaid!! I wanna be where the people are, I wanna see.. wanna see them dancing..

Hudson: I wanna be Batman!

.... ok then!


Found the neatest little gadget/toy today at Dillards: a Cloud B Sleep Giraffe. I'd read about it online (as I read about all baby gadgets...) and decided to get it. $22 and totally worth it. It plays 4 different sounds, including Ad's beloved white noise. Puts her to sleep nearly instantly.

As long as she has a passy and is being patted to sleep too, that is!


Did I mention that we're going on the Disney cruise later this year? Because we so are! It has been my dream FOREVER to go on the Disney cruise, and Mark knew it!! We researched and thought long & hard on which cruiseline we would choose, but Disney caters to infants so perfectly - it will make a wonderful vacation for the three of us. Diapers or baby food can even be delivered to your room. Perfecto.


Tonight, Adalyn sucked on a bottle for the very first time. I decided to test the waters with formula - just for kicks - and she did suck it! Progress! Too bad that she held the formula in her mouth and refused to swallow because it tasted so bad. Ha! Poor kid.

And Adalyn's awake and ready to eat. The end!


  1. Ahhh! I've been wanting to get that Giraffe!

  2. you little cheek, dont be trying to bottle feed my child! ack.. preposterous, my wife wanting to try the bottle.

  3. Ella loves her giraffe too! Love that thing! :)