Monday, July 18, 2011

Camera, Sleep, and Co-Parenting.

My Canon Rebel bit the dust the other day. Out of nowhere, I went to turn it on and nothing. Just blackness. The lens would try to focus, but it kept saying "Busy" in the view finder. And then it just stopped working altogether.

So, that calls for a shopping trip to Best Buy, right? Right! We got a new Canon Rebel T3, and I am quite in love.

Since moving back to Virginia, Adalyn has decided that she doesn't want to go to bed at night. She has always gone STRAIGHT to bed - no joke. No tears, no whining. I would just nurse her, and she would drift off to sleep like an angel. Now? There are kicks, pinches, whines, screams, and tears. It takes - on average - an hour each night to get to sleep. What.On.Earth! Is it teething? She waited until the week we moved to decide to grow some teeth - perfect timing, right!? She also wakes up gobs more at night to nurse. I'm just hoping that this is a bad phase caused by teething. Also, let it be said that she takes 2-hour naps in her crib twice a day, but she wants nothing to do with her crib at night. Which I'm fine with, because it makes feedings easier on me.. but it's just bizarre. I'm giving her time, extra love, and extra milk and hoping that this ugly phase goes away. Quickly...

Do you know how much easier "parenting" is now that both parents are present!? Ahh, yes. I've "slept in" (read: I now get up at 8) every morning since he's been home! It's been bliss, let me tell you. Just some stark differences:

-Now, when leaving the house, one of us grabs the baby, and the other grabs the diaper bag and belongings. Piece.of.cake.

-At restaurants, one of us can feed her while the other enjoys a meal. I love it.

-The whole, "Can you grab me a...." instead of being the only one in the house, now there's a helper!

-Someone gets to stay inside with Adalyn while the other takes Piper outside.

-We team up on everything. Bathtime, mealtimes, shopping, etc.

-Cleaning just got a whole lot easier now that Mark can take care of Adalyn while I work!

-He's now "in charge" of bath times and he loves it.

Ahh, yes. Easy. Parenting was definitely designed for a mama and a daddy to work together, that's for sure.

She's upstairs in our bed right now. In the middle. Cuddled onto Mark's pillow. It's so darn cute, but I have no idea how he'll get his pillow back from her :)

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