Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Fourth of July Rhyme

Once upon a Fourth of July,
it was Ad's first Independence Day.
We met my sister and nephews
at Outerbanks to play!

We sat her down on the sandy shore
'Stuck her fingers in the sand.
She'd never seen the ocean before
Since she's always lived inland.

Ad smiled at the ocean, giggled at the waves
Played with Gray under the shade
Life at the beach? Relaxing on the coast?
Why, this little girl had it made.

Aunt Lauren gave her sips of water
Cause this girl was awfully hot
And boy, her first dip in a pool
Certainly hit the spot!

Daddy held her tight, they floated around
She loved to splish and splash
The huge smiles from Adalyn proved
that the pool was definitely a smash!

We watched the big boys play around
They tossed Frisbees in the waves
And pretty soon we got hungry was seafood that we craved!

Coconut shrimp and seafood platters
hushpuppies and some fries
The babies munched off our plates
Nope, there wasn't a single cry.

So after a nap & some putt putt golf
and an ice cream cone or two
We headed back north to our little home
But first said our "'Love you's"

A sticky little kiss, a warm little hug
from my big boys H and C
And a big ol' wave "Bye bye" went
to my chunky Baby G.

Ad's first Fourth spent at the beach
with family all around her
The best one yet, by far!
Those cousins sure love one another!


  1. That was a fun day!!

  2. I always like your poems Shannon. That's the one form of creative writing I was never good at!