Thursday, September 8, 2011

10 best of 10

...And now for the TOP 10 best things about having a 10-month old!


10. You have your own little live audience now, and someone thinks you're the funniest person EVER. And those loud, explosive giggles? Those never get old.

9. You've also become the most popular person on the block, and a certain someone zooms across the room just to be near you. It sure does make you feel loved to have a little toot on your heels at all times!

8. That amazing meal you just cooked? You can now share it with your best buddy and marvel at how she gobbles it up like you're the best cook ever!

7. She's become Miss Independent, but there's no place like Mama's Arms.


6. She now imitates you. Which can be a funny and cute thing.

5. "Can I have a kiss?!" now means huge open mouthed French kisses from your Mini Me. And those, my friends, are the sweetest (and stickiest!)

4. Those 12-month clothes are just too cute.

3. She literally learns something new every day and it is a complete joy to watch.


2. Her personality is now really showing! She's her own little person!

1. She now really is your best friend. You can tell her anything, and she won't tell your secrets :) She loves you no matter what. You two experience life together, and she has opened your eyes up to a world you never knew existed.

Oh how I will miss this time in our lives! It is PURE fun, joy, and excitement!



  1. Number 7 is so true! Shannon these are all true. I'm so glad we get to experience these moments together! I love reading your blogs about Miss Adalyn :)

  2. Wonderful photos!
    Mine is 19 months and as much as I love this age, I do miss when he was younger - the time has just flown by!

  3. #8: Unless you have a picky eater. ;)